21st Century teaching with iPads in the classroom

If you haven’t stepped into a K-12 classroom lately, you are in for a surprise. Chalk boards? What are those? In some schools, there are smart boards with touch screen options and iPods at each desk to answer multiple choice questions. School districts around the country are implementing iPads into their classrooms as another tool to connect with students in this modern age.

School teachers have found out that using their iPad in the classroom has helped them use cutting edge apps to aid in their teaching and capturing student’s attention in a fun and interactive way. This has catapulted classrooms learning into 21st century teaching. However, using their iPad without a protective case can be risky.

District IT staff members have discovered the Rev360 iPad case from Mobile Edge safely and securely protects their iPads. Teachers can now walk freely throughout the classroom while navigating their iPad without missing a beat. The ergonomic design of the Rev360 helps the user grasp the molded hand piece which securely rotates in a full 360 degrees. This allows teachers, instructors and professors to comfortably use your iPad while turning it for optimal viewing and easy manipulation of the touch screen without accidentally launching apps or randomly scrolling.

The Rev360 will work with Gen. 2, 3 and 4 iPads. Due to the new shape of the iPad Air, the current Rev360 is not sized right to work with the new iPad Air dimensions. A new iPad Air version is currently being developed.

Available in three design options: Basic Black, Black Smart Cover Compatible Version and Black with Shoulder Strap. If you are a teacher, or have a friend or family member that is, the Rev360 is highly recommended and makes a great gift idea!

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