Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

Everyone looks forward to those summer months full of good weather, time outside with friends and family, some weekend adventures and hopefully a nice week or two of vacation.

Get the most out of your vacation by maximizing your travel days – you don’t want to waste any time getting to that great destination! We’ve put together some key items you will want to keep in mind:

Be Timely in Booking Your Tickets: There is no doubt that summer airline tickets skyrocket – so the sooner you can finalize your travel dates the better to get those tickets purchased. If you do have to make last minute plans be sure that you research tickets with travel sites, the airlines directly and a local travel agency. And pay close attention to ticket rules and restrictions because often seemingly less expensive tickets can cost a lot more if anything on your itinerary shifts!

Arrive Early: There was a recent segment on The Today Show about how far in advance of your flight you should arrive. While current advice suggests arriving 2 hours ahead of domestic flights and at least 3 hours ahead of international flights – people rarely give themselves that much time these days. But there is something to be said for arriving with plenty of time and having the opportunity to rest, shop or eat before boarding your flight. The last thing you want to do is be in a rush on your first day of vacation – or worse yet, miss your flight and end up with a costly change fee and a lost day of enjoyment.

Getting Through Security: Liquid materials in carry-ons are still very much regulated so remember the 3-1-1 rule which is 3 ozs or less of a liquid in a bottle that fits in 1 quart sized bag with 1 bag per passenger. We recommend putting your plastic bag in an external pocket of your carry-on or on the very top of your packed items so that you can remove it quickly and place it in a bin with your other smaller personal items. Remember that unless you are using a Mobile Edge ScanFast Case, your laptop computer MUST be removed from your bag and placed in a bin by itself for screening. Tablets and iPads can stay in your bag or tablet case. It is best to remove all metal from your body just to be on the safe side – belts, jewelry, accessories – even if they have made it through security at one airport doesn’t mean that they will make it through them all. Once you pass through security, grab your items from the conveyer belt and quickly move off to the side to get your shoes on and your items organized.

Pack a Smart Carry-On: No one wants to arrive to their destination with no clothes – but yet it happens hundreds of times a day all over the world. Airlines lose things. It’s not hard to understand how it could happen with tens of thousands of bags being transported every hour. So be prepared with a carry-on that includes one change of clothes & shoes, your core toiletries and anything else you consider necessary in the event that your luggage is lost.

Do note though that many airlines have recently updated their carry-on rules. People flying with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines can only carry-on items that are 22″ long x 14″ wide x 9″ high. JetBlue, Southwest, and others still permit carry-ons up to 24″ long x 16″ wide x 10″ high.

Be Patient: Travel can be frustrating and stressful but by being prepared, and being understanding towards other travelers who may not be, you will definitely start your holiday off on the right foot (hopefully with a sandal on!). Your heading out to relax so don’t let small things upset that important goal…

Safe travels!

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