US bans uncharged cell phones, laptops from some flights

In a recent article posted on CNET, the Transportation Security Agency will ban un-charged cell phones, tablets and laptops on some international flights. This means if you use your Smartphone before getting to the airport and the battery is nearly dead, you may have to check it before getting on your flight.

Good luck trying to find an open power outlet, as in most busy airports it’s nearly impossible to find one open.

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Don’t get stuck going through security checkpoints with an uncharged Smartphone or Tablet ever again.


Here is a brief snippet from Chris Matyszczyk’s article posted on CNET.

If you’re flying into the US from certain countries, you may discover that getting through security will become even more time-consuming and stressful.

The US Transportation Security Administration revealed on Sunday that enhanced security procedures on flights coming to the US now include not allowing uncharged cell phones and other devices onto planes.

In a statement earlier this week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that the new measures were the result of a re-evaluation of measures “to promote aviation security.”

There is no official list of which airports are affected. However, the BBC is reporting that London’s Heathrow is one of them.

Reports suggest that the enhanced measures are in response to information that terrorists in Syria and Yemen have developed bombs that might evade the previous screening processes.

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