Fox News Houston reviews Mobile Edge Smartphone chargers

This time of year all over the country, there are severe weather storms that bring strong tropical depressions and even Hurricanes. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and or tornadoes, then you know firsthand how essential it is to prepare.

Meteorologists do their best to predict weather patterns, but generally they cannot predict with any accuracy more than a few days out. However, based on previous years and lots of historical data they are able to alert residents of incoming inclement weather.

Mother Nature is very unpredictable, and may bring harsh or pleasant weather depending on her mood. Meteorologist John Dawson, of Fox News Houston Affiliate covers this topic on ways to prepare for hurricanes, and in this video highlights several ways to keep your Smartphone charged, even while the power grid may be down.

Click on the video to see how the new Urgent Power DX 5200 Smartphone charger can help keep your phone and Tablet charged even after the power it out. Mobile Edge offers an array of Smartphone and Tablet power supply options. Click here to see the full line of portable power supply accessories.

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