Auburn University fan loves Mobile Edge iPad sleeve


Here at Mobile Edge, we like to go the extra mile for our customers. We received a call from a gentleman named Larry from Montverde, Florida. His wedding anniversary was coming up and wanted to purchase a custom logo iPad case bearing the Auburn University logo.

We currently only sell Auburn University logo sleeves at their University Bookstore. However, he wanted an iPad case which is not currently offered at the bookstore. We told Larry not to worry, since it was for his wife and an anniversary present we would take care of him.

We had one iPad sleeve printed with the Auburn University logo, and kindly shipped it from our headquarters in Anaheim, California to his home in Florida.

As you can see by the big smile of his wife, all of Larry’s efforts and ours made it all worth while! Well done Larry, well done. We hope you tell your friends and family about us. Happy Anniversary to you both from the Team here at Mobile Edge!

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