Mobile Edge Tech Brief reviewed by Mega Tech News

The stylish new Tech Briefcase from Mobile Edge is sleek, sophisticated and made with Vegan Lather. Canadian Technology Editor, Michael Kwan, posted the first review of these new Ultrabook Briefcases with some very favorable remarks.

By Michael Kwan, Technology Editor Mega Tech News

You’ve invested quite a bit of money into that thin-and-light notebook of yours and you also happen to bring your tablet with you around town too. Whether it’s for school, business or leisure, you want a stylish way to carry around your gear and regular old nylon isn’t going to cut it. If you’re looking for a laptop bag that’s a little more mature, the Mobile Edge Tech Brief with “vegan leather” could be the right solution.

Mobile Edge, they decided to go with “vegan” leather for the Tech Brief. It’s meant to give the appearance and feel of leather, without the actual skinning of animals. This is naturally a very different look and feel than what you’d get out of the company’s Vindicator Collection, for example.

There is no leather smell to this material, of course, but it otherwise mimics real leather quite well. There’s a definite grain to it and it’s reasonably soft and supple. Many people will likely be able to tell its not real leather, but only if they care to take a closer look. And even though it is made from faux leather, the Tech Brief still has a similar kind of weight; the bag weighs just less than two pounds.

The Classy Way to Travel

It’s important to distinguish the purpose of the Tech Brief versus something like the Mobile Edge ScanFast laptop backpack. Unlike its globetrotting counterpart, the Tech Brief is mostly geared toward the daily commuter. That’s why it doesn’t fold out flat for TSA scans. At the same time, the relatively slim (4.5-inch thick) bag comes with good storage for your little knick-knacks.

Zip open any of the pockets and you’ll discover the tartan cotton-twill lining. Again, this goes in line with what the classy professional may desire. The styling of the two large pockets on the front, which are very similar to many other Mobile Edge products, is a matter of personal preference. In the larger of the two rear pockets, you’ll find some organization for flash drives, pens, memory cards and so forth.

Tech Brief for Tablets Too

In the main compartment, you’ll find two main pockets, as well as the space in between them for items like magazines or books. The two pockets are actually quite close in size; it’s only because the “tablet” oriented pocket is “poly-fur lined” that I was able to quickly tell the difference. The tablet pocket will hold devices up to 12-inches, while the laptop pocket is designed for notebooks up to 14.1-inches in screen size. There is also a Velcro strap to hold your laptop in place.

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