Mobile Edge iPad Air cases ideal for educators

By Andy Montoya, Fullerton High School Board Member and Math Teacher

As an everyday math teacher and a High School Board Member, it is awesome to have an iPad Air case from Mobile Edge that looks professional, extremely functional, and very easy to use.

I’ve tried other cases, and it was difficult to take pictures and display work to students. This new iPad Air case has made my job easier while in the classroom.

Since I’ve used this sleek new case, I have received so many compliments from fellow teachers on the looks of the SlimFit iPad Air Case.

The soft leather and the middle grip section make this the perfect case for me to travel to my numerous meetings, and keeps my iPad safe and looking good at the same time.

This iPad Air Case seems like it was made specifically for educators like me. If you are a teacher, you need to get this case!

Click here to see all of the iPad case options from Mobile Edge.

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