Mobile Edge Tech Briefcase: A Stylish & Slim Commuter

By Travis Ehrlich, Contributing Editor @ Gear Diary

I am amazed at how much stuff I used to carry in a gear bag. The bags were huge and packed with back-breaking weight. As our devices get lighter and smaller, the need for huge, heavy bags is a thing of the past. The Mobile Edge Tech Briefcase promises to make your commute stylish and slim at only $79.99.

The Tech Briefcase is a messenger style bag designed to protect your tablet and laptop while keeping you mobile. While keeping a low profile and light weight, the bag does include extra storage for the daily essentials, but it is not an option for those who like to carry the kitchen sink. The Vegan leather finish comes in black and brown, and each look pretty classy.

While being slim, The Tech Briefcase can hold up to a 14″ laptop, so my MacBook Air is a perfect fit. I am also able to hold an iPad Mini in one of the alternate interior pockets. The taller of the pockets on the inside includes a Velcro strap to secure the laptop, and the shorter pocket for a tablet has a poly fur lining. There is plenty of padding to protect both devices while being transported.

The front of the Mobile Edge Tech Briefcase contains two padded zipper pockets for accessories. I am carrying a travel power strip in one and my MacBook Air power block in the other; both fit perfectly.

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