Google Chromebook, Surface Pro 3 Briefcase by Mobile Edge

The all new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and the Google Chromebook (both 11.6″ & 14.1″ sizes) now have a briefcase designed specifically for their specific form factor. The new 11.6″ Mobile Edge Express Notebook Case fits the new Surface Pro 3 and 11.6″ Google Chromebooks perfectly! The larger 14.1″ Express Case fits larger sized Google Chromebooks with the same cool design.

The Express Notebook Case is designed to protect your computer/tablet while allowing the user to work out of the case. This is an ideal design for students using their device in the classroom.

The sleek design makes the case lightweight and easy to carry. The top handle and matching shoulder strap are another nice feature. There is an outside zippered compartment ideal for a power supply, and organization for pens. pencils, flash drives, etc.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, all three sizes (11.6″, 14.1″ & 16″) are all smartly priced at $29.99. Check out the full line of briefcase by clicking here.

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