Simple Holiday Safety Tips

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. It’s also a time where criminals are desperate and try to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. Thanks to law enforcement agencies across the country, here are a few helpful tips they recommend on how to guard yourself and your family from would be thieves this holiday season.

* During the holidays thefts go up. Delivered packages being stolen is one of the biggest problems. Some criminals follow delivery trucks.

* Please have someone home for the delivery or make other arrangements. Consider mailing packages to your office to avoid theft of items left at your doorstep.

* Don’t share your holiday plans, especially on social media.

* Don’t show off your gifts on social media or display them in front of a window at your home.

* A stack of mail in the mailbox, papers in the driveway and trash cans left out are a sure sign that no one is home.

* Place an automatic timer on your lights for evening hours.

* Turn on lights and the radio or television to give the appearance that someone is home.

* Set your security alarm and lock all doors and windows every time you leave, even if just for a few minutes.

* Lock your car at all times and park your car in the garage, if possible.

* Don’t leave valuables in the car, especially in plain view.

* Close blinds or curtains.

While shopping:

* Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you.

* Park in a well-lit space, close car windows, lock the car and hide shopping bags and gifts in the trunk.

* Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay with a check or credit card when possible.

* To deter pickpockets and purse-snatchers, don’t overload yourself with packages.

* Carry purses close to your body and put wallets in your front pants pocket or inside a coat.

* If shopping with children, teach them to go to a store clerk or security guard if you get separated.

* Join or form a Neighborhood Watch Group

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