Cornell University branded sleeves by Mobile Edge

Mobile Edge works with hundreds of Universities across the country, selling laptop bags and tablet cases to Campus Computer and Bookstores. Mobile Edge also specializes in making custom logo laptop sleeves, backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, totes and more.

In fact, some schools include Mobile Edge laptop bags with each purchase of a laptop in their store.

Recently, the Computer Store Buyer at Cornell University, David Peck, ordered two custom logo laptop sleeves in a variety of sizes to outfit Cornell Students and to help them protect their investment while showing their school pride.

In several case studies from Universities around the country, it was found that custom logo products sell 10-to-1 compared to the same non-logo product. This increases sales for the store while providing a great custom logo product.

Check in with your local college campus bookstore for custom Mobile Edge products. If they don’t offer them, ask them why and e-mail me at

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