iRT Racing Pro Cycling Team loves Mobile Edge Backpacks

The newest USA Professional Cycling Team, iRT Racing, kicked off their inaugural season with a Media Launch Event at the famous Pedalers Fork bike shop, coffee shop and restaurant in Calabasas, Calif.

Before the event officially kicked off, the media and sponsors were allowed to do a short ride with the Pro Riders. This gave everyone an opportunity to see first-hand just how strong the Pros are.

During the event, iRT Racing Team General Manager, Haldane Morris, introduced each cyclist one by one with a short biography and or nickname.


Co-owners Ray Asante, and Lynn Perrando were both very pleased with the red trimmed custom iRT Backpacks from Mobile Edge. They were very gracious for the sponsorship, and pleased with the exceptional quality of the backpacks. The fact Mobile Edge jumped in as a sponsor the first year of the Team, for this they will always be grateful.

The Pro’s took a moment from answering questions from media to pose for a quick photo, showing off their new iRT Backpack which holds their helmet, shoes, water bottles, nutrition and more.

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