Tips for traveling in inclement weather

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Mother Nature can strike in a moment’s notice completely altering travel plans.

Inclement weather can affect air travel in any season, even on the clearest of days. Whether it’s high winds, rain, sleet or snow, each year brings a slew of delays that could severely cramp your travel plans. With some simple planning you can alleviate the frustration of last-minute itinerary changes and flight delays or cancellations so that a bad start (and bad weather) doesn’t ruin your trip.

Get Forecasts as Soon as Possible
Before you leave for travel of any kind, it’s always a good idea to check the forecasts for your departure and destination city. For complete weather information and forecasts for just about any destination on earth, visit

Bad Weather There Affects Flight Status Here
Bad weather almost anywhere can wreak havoc with an airline’s route schedule, as crews and planes that are stranded at one airport never arrive at subsequent airports, and a ripple effect occurs. Call your airline to inquire of potential delays on your flight.

Book Morning Flights
Morning flights are less likely to be delayed or canceled than evening flights. The logistical effects of heavy weather accumulate as the day goes on and more and more flights are delayed or canceled.

Act Fast on Hotel Reservation Changes
If you anticipate an unplanned layover, get to a telephone as quickly as possible to make hotel reservations.

Call Your Airline Early or check Online
Airlines typically update flight status information on a “just in time” basis; that is, they don’t change official status until it’s absolutely certain that there will be a delay. So just because they told you your plane is on time at 2 p.m. doesn’t mean it will be 30 minutes later.

Use your Smartphone
On your Smartphone, check for up-to-the-minute weather and air delay information at major airports across the U.S. Also, most airlines now do real-time flight status updates on the Web.

The better you are prepared before getting to the airport, the better off you will be when traveling in inclement weather conditions. Other ways to prepare are to use TSA compliant laptop bags like the ScanFast Collection of laptop bags from Mobile Edge. They offer a full line of men’s and women’s briefcases, backpacks, and totes all TSA compliant. Click here for more information.

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