iRT Racing Pro Cycling Team at LAX

The iRT Racing Pro Cycling Team was spotted at LAX this morning with their new custom Mobile Edge Express Backpacks at LAX Airport.

The Team is on their way to the Dominican Republic for their first race of the 2015, kicking off the new race season.

The Race is called, “2015 Vuelta Independencia Nacional Republica Dominicana.” This will not only be the first race of the season for iRT Racing, but also the Inaugural Race as a Pro Team.

Mobile Edge is a proud sponsor of iRT Racing Pro Cycling Team, and ensures the team is well taken care of with their stylish and durable custom Express Backpacks. If you would like to own one of these backpacks for yourself, e-mail me at for information. Or click here to see the full Express Backpack 2.0 Collection.

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