Smartphones Have Changed the Way You Travel

Today, traveling isn’t the same as it was when you used to hit the road with nothing more than a well-used map and a Jack Kerouac book. But, how much does today’s travel industry rely on mobile technology? According to eMarketer, digital travel sales made up 40 percent of all travel sales in 2012, and mobile sales of travel will steadily increase at a 5.36 percent annual growth rate until 2017. The digital age has made exploring the world easier and more accessible to everyone, so learn how your smartphone changes the way you travel.


Travelers want convenience and value when searching for trip transportation and accommodation, claims Google’s Annual Traveler’s Road to Decision Study. This has led to the reliance on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The study also states that 70 percent of travelers begin researching deals on apps and online before they even know where or when they want to take a trip. Furthermore, 32 percent of mobile travel apps were downloaded from click ads on phones, showing that people are constantly looking for a new way to find travel deals.

Spontaneous Travel

With mobile technology, it is much simpler to compare prices from airlines and hotels instantaneously from mobile apps. Everything you need to do from booking your plane ticket or hotel room to making a reservation at a restaurant, you can do from your phone. According to an infographic published by Mashable, the use of mobile technology helps travelers be more spontaneous. The infographic shows that of all the people who booked a hotel room or plane ticket for a trip within 24 hours, 70 percent were from a mobile device.

Travel-Friendly Devices

The growing popularity of mobile travel technology has resulted in smartphones and other mobile devices being specifically designed to accommodate globe trotters. The Sony Xperia Z3 also is waterproof and rugged enough for outdoor adventures. Additionally, it has a high-performance camera for documenting all of your experiences. With all of these features, you can cut down on the number of devices and accessories you have to bring.

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Everything in One Place

With a smartphone or tablet, you have almost everything you need in one place. You can access entertainment for long flights, such as books, songs, movies and news. You can check into your flight or hotel or even store electronic versions of travel documents, like your boarding pass, itinerary or hotel reservation. Depending on where you are, your phone can even act as your GPS navigation or give you traffic updates for your location.

Photos and Sharing

And, of course, a major part of traveling requires making memories and taking photos. While your childhood may have been filled with film cameras, disposables or even Polaroids, the constant connectivity of mobile allows you to click and share your trips in real-time. According to an infographic by My Destination, 45 percent of people use their mobile devices while traveling. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social networking tools play a major role in how people share their vacations and travel experiences, and they can access them directly from their mobile devices.

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