Razer Tactical Bag – Reviewed by SlashGear

My review of the Razer Tactical Bag began in January of 2015, about a month and a half ago. The bag was delivered to me right in time for CES 2015 – easily the most action-packed week for me out of the whole year – for tech, that is to say. During the week I carry a lot of weight. In past years, I’ve brought bags that weren’t up to the task. I’ve had bags whose handles rip partway through the week. I’ve had bags that didn’t end up having nearly enough space or pockets for organization of oddities. The Razer Tactical Bag was up to the task.

I’ve used many different backpacks over the past several years from many different brands. Some were made for students, some were made for the average, everyday, gadget-carrying worker.

With other bags, features like fur-covered interiors provided some fancy feel and protection for my laptop.

Some backpacks came with built-in power – more than one had power, in fact – to keep my devices charged. I ended up using the power features on these backpacks very, very few times. If I’m going to stop to charge, I may as well find an outlet.

None of these bags ended up being as useful and as tuned-in to what I needed in a backpack as this Razer model. Read more

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