Best 18 inch Laptop Backpack | 2015 Reviews

By TheTravelGal
Looking for the Best 18″ and 18.4″ Laptop Backpacks

If you have a large 17 inch or 18 inch laptop, then you know that you need to be looking for a good sturdy yet lightweight bag to carry it safely around.

A backpack helps distribute the weight. In this article, I have sourced out some of the best 18 inch and 18.4 laptop backpacks you can find online.

Though the selection is limited, fortunately, there are some great packs out there that will make transporting your x-large laptops so much easier.

18 inch laptops are much big and heavier than most regular laptops, so it makes sense to use one to move them.

Backpacks are more comfortable than most other laptop bag choices to schlep things in for long periods of time. So if you need to carry your laptop often, or just prefer to keep your hands free, then you need to get the right type of 18 inch laptop backpack.

Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M18x ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack designed for the Alienware Orion M18x 18.4 inch Laptop Backpack

The Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M18x ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack is an 18.4 inch laptop bag made especially for the Alienware Orion M18x. The bag is well rated, and works well for most other 18 inch laptops as well.

With plenty of pockets and storage for everything you’ll need, you can carry all you need for your laptop in one bag. Also comes with a handy clip connector for the two straps to fit anyone’s shoulders.

This bag is probably the heaviest of all the backpacks reviewed here, but it does have a useful check in feature for anyone flying with a computer.

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