Mobile Edge Verona Laptop Tote is Fashionable Functionality

By David Goodspeed, Tech Editor@ GearDiary

While it may be functional to grab a backpack to carry all her stuff to the office, my wife prefers something a bit more stylish for her personal and work items in her professional environment. Enter “Mobile Edge For Her,” and its new Verona Laptop Tote that combines fashion-inspired styling with real world functionality.

The Verona Tote is Mobile Edge’s latest offering for women to use in their professional and personal lives. Graphite and Stone are the colors available, with a review sample arriving in stone. The first thing my wife saw was the matching clutch and that really sealed the deal for her. She does not carry her work laptop every day, but the new Verona Tote can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches and tablets up to 10 inches.

Upon arrival at our house she immediately began dumping all of her “stuff” out of the old tote she had been using for several years, and it quickly disappeared inside the Verona unit. There are three large zippered compartments that make up the Verona Tote with each having smaller inner pockets as well as zippered pockets on both exterior sides of the bag as well.

No sooner was it loaded than she began putting it through the paces as she has a fair distance to walk from parking garage to office on the 27th floor and back each workday. She loves the shoulder straps and finds the Verona Tote at the perfect carrying height be it on the shoulder or by her side, not to high and not too low.

The Tote features four small feet on the bottom for stability when placed under her desk at work, and the internal padding and poly-fur linings won’t mar any electronic screens or other sensitive items. The Verona Laptop Tote uses a durable Vegan-leather as its exterior material and features contrasting trim and polished nickel fittings. Inside is a unique fashion-inspired Tartan pattern that lines each compartment. My wife is especially fond of this pattern being of Scottish descent herself.

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