Make the Most of Your Device’s Battery Life With These Tips

Keeping your devices fully charged can prove challenging while traveling. But there’s an easy way to maximize your device’s battery life, and it doesn’t involve a heavy carry-on full of backup batteries and chargers. Whether you use your smartphone for business or for pleasure, use these battery life-saving tips for your next trip.

Use Efficient Devices

The first step in conserving battery life involves using a more efficient device. Top-of-the-line quad core processors and HD screens make today’s smartphones more powerful than ever, but they also make your device more power hungry. However, not all smartphone batteries are created equally. Laptop Mag ranked the HTC One within its top five smartphones with the longest battery life earlier this year. The HTC One M9 boasts a talk-time battery life of 20 hours and up to 13.6 days of standby time. Laptop Mag cites additional devices, including the Sony Xperia and the Samsung Galaxy as top performers.

Your tablet needs a long-lasting battery. The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 offers a battery life that lasts 10 hours, which is long enough to get through a couple movies from Amazon Instant Video. And, Apple’s iPad Air offers about 10 hours of use when it’s fully charged, according to CNET.

Invest in a Universal Battery Charger

Instead of lugging around cables for each of your devices, invest in a universal battery charger to keep your devices powered throughout your travels. Mobile Edge offers a simple charging solution that keeps all of your devices powered. The Urgent Power Battery Charger is compatible with most smartphones, e-readers, tablets and iPods. Its slim, compact design makes it a must-have for business travelers, and its powerful 2600mAh battery provides up to 10 hours of run time for smartphones and 300 hours of additional run time for e-readers and iPods. Just plug it into your laptop or a USB AC power source when it needs to be recharged.

Learn Power-Saving Techniques

In addition to using efficient devices and a universal battery charger, there are a variety of methods to boost your device’s battery life. According to PC World, dimming the screen, keeping your screen timeout short and turning off your device’s bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it’s not in use can help to preserve battery power. Other power-saving methods, like turning off non-essential notifications, only using GPS when you really need it and killing apps that aren’t in use, can help boost your device’s battery life, too.

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