5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

For many people, traveling is a source of stress. Between the packing and planning, there’s a lot to remember — and if you’re on a tight schedule, the pressure to make it from point A to point B is almost unbearable. Traveling with your family? Good luck. But, travel should be fun and easy. After all, it’s a vacation you’re taking. Here are five ways to make your next trip as easy and stress-free as possible.

Airport Check-In Made Easy

Don’t you hate waiting in lines, especially at the airport? You can breeze by the security checkpoint with a special type of carry-on. The ScanFast checkpoint-friendly laptop bag has been tested and exceeds the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines. Unlike other carry-on baggage, this laptop bag allows you to keep your laptop where it should be, in its case, meaning you don’t have to take it out and put it into a separate bin. Every minute counts, especially if you’re on a tight schedule or rushing to get to your gate, so don’t waste those precious minutes fumbling with your carry-on at security.

Never Miss Your Favorite Show

Let’s be real. Vacations should be spent outside, having fun, exploring new places, not inside glued to the television. But just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite shows. With the Dish Hopper you can record up to eight shows at once, so not only can you record your programs, you can record your family’s favorites, too. Additionally, the Hopper offers two terabytes of video storage, which equates to about 2,000 hours of recording. So, even if you’re on a long vacation, you won’t miss a second of “True Detective” or “Game of Thrones.” If you need to get a little TV fix on the go, like at the airport, the Hopper is mobile friendly, which makes it easy to watch your show on the go. But remember, you’re on vacation binge-watching allowed.

Innovative Clothing for Ultimate Protection

Don’t let your family get burned. Traveling with a sunburn is no fun. In addition to applying sunscreen, outfit your family with sun-protective clothing. From swimsuits to shirts and shorts, clothing designers are using special fabrics that can help keep you cool, dry and protected from the sun while you’re out and about on vacation or in your backyard. Clothing made with special fabrics offer a UPF 50+ rating which provides protection from the sun’s UV rays so you can hit the beach or the trails without getting burned.

Don’t Get Lost – Use a Road Trip App

Road trippers are a unique breed. It takes a special type of person to spend hours upon hours in the car, eating gas station snacks and stopping at rest stops. If road tripping is your thing, download the Roadtrippers app before you pack up your car. The app, which is also easy to use on a desktop, lets vacationers plan a trip from point A to point B with as many stops as you want in between. Users can plan to stop at a hotel, attraction, restaurant or for the very adventurous, a campground. The app even predicts how much users will spend on gas based on the miles traveled.

Don’t Let An Accident Spoil the Fun

Unfortunately, accidents can happen on vacation. Make sure that you’re prepared to handle to worst by carrying your family’s important medical documents and medications while traveling. Assemble a small emergency first-aid kit equipped with tweezers, painkillers, eye wash, antibiotic ointments, antihistamines for allergies, Band-Aids, alcohol pads and any special items for hygienic or medical use you may need.

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