Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Review

By LARRY GEISZ, Editor @ The Gadgeteer

If you are a serious PC gamer then you have probably heard of Razer products. If you are not a gamer, Razer is the maker of high-end PC gaming systems, gaming peripherals and accessories for not only PC games, but also for console gaming systems. Having a gaming laptop is great for portability, but what happens when you need to transport that system and all its peripherals to a competition, or just to visit a friend? Razer has thought of that with their Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack.

To be honest here, I am not the PC gamer I use to be. My fingers don’t work as well and my reflexes are shot, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate a well-made laptop backpack and that is what the Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack ultimately is. I am no stranger to reviewing laptop backpacks and messenger bags, so I do have a decent frame of reference from which to start. The tech specs for the Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack, as listed on their webpage.

The rear of the Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack has a soft mesh-like covering over some padding to make the backpack a little more comfortable to wear. The straps have the same covering on the inside along with padding for comfort. The straps also have D-rings built into them along with a cross strap that goes across your chest to help keep the shoulder straps in place. At the top, there is a nylon handle to allow you to carry and pick up the pack.

The top of the backpack has a cover designed to be secured with adjustable nylon straps and plastic clips. The cover is designed to keep the zippers for the laptop section and cargo section protected from the elements. The top cover also has the Razer logo sewn onto it.

The inside of the top cover has a neon green fabric liner. The top cover hides the laptop pocket zippers and the main cargo compartment zippers. The top cover also helps keep items from falling out of the backpack if the zippers are not completely zipped or if the backpack is turned upside down.

Both the left and right sides of the Razer Tactical Backpack are identical in their configuration. Both have a large pocket with a flap cover that is secured by Velcro. Both covers have MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) type attachment points. Both sides also have a nylon strap setup with plastic buckles to allow you to keep the backpack compressed for carrying and traveling. The side pockets are deep and wide, large enough for a water bottle.

The front of this backpack has a zipper front pocket for tablets and miscellaneous items, two removable Razer patches, and two removable pouches with flap covers. The front also has the MOLLE design to allow you to reconfigure the backpack to your liking as well as add and subtract items designed to be used with MOLLE equipment.

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