How Non-Creatives Can Make Killer Visual Presentations

Infographic search volumes increased over 800 percent in a two-year period, according to Google Trends. Meanwhile, Twitter discovered that tweets with photos are retweeted an average of 35 percent more than those without and that videos see a 28 percent increase.

If you’ve been avoiding getting creative with your marketing plan because you think it won’t impact your business, think again. Making a killer visual presentation can make or break your next meeting or take your home business to the next level. You don’t have to be an artist to come up with creative campaigns, either. Even if you are the most pragmatic, analytical and numbers-minded person, you can create professional visuals yourself with the following sites and services.

Stock Photography

Relying on images from sites like Flickr or Wikipedia can get you into a legal tangle. Not all images are free for commercial use or were properly acquired and attributed in the first place. Aside from the legalities involved, many free stock photography sites are full of low-quality images. You may also find that many bloggers and small business websites end up using the same photos as everyone else.

The easiest way around all of these issues is to acquire affordable and unique stock photography from a site like Shutterstock. You can choose from photography, images and videos to add some pop to your marketing brochure or to keep your website looking visually appealing and fresh.


Infographic creation can be intimidating for designers, let alone non-creatives. Fortunately, services like Piktochart make it easy to create infographics in as little as 10 minutes. Point and click to choose from a library of graphics, or upload your own images. Piktochart also offers tools for creating professional-looking reports and marketing materials for your business website or your next presentation.

Drag-and-Drop Presentations

With a little learning time, it’s possible to create professional-looking and creative presentations with a tool like Keynote. Create interactive charts, add photo frames and drop in video with a few mouse clicks. Impress your clients with data charts and web graphs. Ideal for busy moms like you who need to create something fast and flawlessly, Keynote allows you to preview your work in real time.


Finding an artist to piece together the visual presentation you need is simple with freelance sites like Upwork. Pull together your stock photos, logo, infographics and anything else you need, and hand them over to an affordable graphic designer. Ask your potential hire to complete a small task to see how they work, or carefully review their portfolio to find the best look for your needs.

If you go the outsourcing route, ask your artist for the native files. Having all the master files and materials at your fingertips makes it easy to recreate marketing materials and new presentations as your home business grows.

Once your presentation looks beautiful and professional, make sure you have all the tools you need to make it run smoothly. Set up your presentation ahead of time and make sure all the technology works. The last thing you want is to spend all this time perfecting your slides just for your projector to stop working. Also make sure you look professional and confident. Invest in a nice suit or dress and keep any documents, contracts, tablets and accessories in a work-appropriate bag, like those from Mobile Edge. This way you have everything in one place and are less likely to forget anything.

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