Alienware backpack spotted @ University of Utah

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Weber State University, University of Utah, Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. During my visit at each campus, I ran into scores of students carrying around Mobile Edge backpacks, messenger bags, and Alienware backpacks by Mobile Edge.

It’s refreshing to see our customers proudly walking around campus with Mobile Edge backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, totes, and sleeves. And it is great to see how our customers, college students, truly appreciate well designed bags to protect and carry their laptops and iPads safely, while looking good doing so.

The photo above was taken at the University of Utah during their Annual Tech Fair. Universities across the country host tech fairs as a way to introduce students to new products offered in their school’s computer and bookstores. Students also get to meet and interact with companies who make and sell the products in their stores.

Visit your campus computer store to find out when they plan to have a tech fair.

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