Razer Tactical Bag Impressions

By: Bronson Fiori, The Gamer Access Tech Editor

I’ve been a gamer on the go for most of my adult life. In college, I took my laptop with me so I could game in-between classes. I’ve had to ride the bus to work the past year, and wanted to get game time in during my breaks. Then there is the occasional LAN party or convention where you can bet I carry my 3DS, Vita, or laptop with me. Because I carry these things with me almost everywhere, I need a quality bag to protect these expensive items. Razer is here with their Tactical Backpack Pro, and I decided to try it out. The question is, after two months of use, did I switch to the Razer bag?

My first impression was that this thing is heavy duty, which makes sense considering it’s made of the same material they put into flak jackets. I tossed it around, dropped it, got it dirty and despite all that it doesn’t look or feel any worse for wear then when it came out of the box just over two months ago. It even comes with a water proof poncho stored in a secret compartment underneath. This helps make sure your laptop or other gear doesn’t get wet when you’re out and about in a rain storm or when it’s snowing. It also had clips that keep the contents of your bag secure. The only way I’d feel any safer about my equipment being in this bag is if it was bulletproof.

As for the inside of the bag it’s every bit as sturdy and awesome as the outside. It is organized into tons of separate compartments, perfect for storing multiple portable devices, or keeping cables organized. There is even a special compartment specifically for USB cables! The material feels good and a few of the pouches are made of felt, for more delicate items.

Then you have comfort. As someone who always carried a messenger bag, it was hard to get used to a backpack. Getting into a messenger bag is faster than a backpack, and with the Razer Tactical Bag it was no exception. But the trade off is there is less strain on my back. With the Mass Effect bag, my shoulder was killing me when carrying heavier items and when I was carrying it over long periods of time. The Razer Bag does a good job of distributing the weight of what I’m carrying evenly. This meant there were very few times where my back was even a little tired. It also has the added bonus of being padded on the back, which is nice if you want to use the bag as a make shift pillow. What’s also great about the padding is that, during the winter, it helps keep you warm.

Overall I love this bag! I am making this a permanent change even though it’s a bit big and a little too focused on being a gamer’s bag. The way it distributes weight is fantastic, it’s built like a damn tank, the inside is perfect for keeping things organized, and it’s just a huge upgrade from my previous messenger bag. If you are a commuter, a hiker, or just want an amazing bag for travel, you can’t go wrong with the Razer Tactical Backpack Pro.

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