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Game on! How gamers are protecting their gear

Gamers get serious about protecting their gear with style

Gaming is serious business—big business—both financially and socially. More than $91 billion was spent on video gaming and gaming-related activities in 2015, with some $22 billion spent in the US alone. Despite prevalent Hollywood stereotypes depicting gamers as isolated loners, some two-thirds of all gamers enjoy their favorite games in social settings, such as gaming parties with friends, gaming clubs, and through vast online communities.

With all that money and social currency invested in their video games and various related accessories and gear, it’s no surprise then that protecting all those assets is a vital concern. Just as musicians seek to protect their finely tuned instruments from accidental drops, harsh environments, and the normal bumps and bruises of travel, members of the gaming community—from tweens to college students, to young adults and beyond—seek to protect their gear as well.

“Gaming has become much more than just a hobby or an activity to pass the time between your mid-terms and college classes,” explains G. David Cartwright, President and CEO of Mobile Edge, the industry leader in innovative, stylish cases and accessories for mobile gaming and computing. “More than 50 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 to 35 play video and digital games. In fact, gaming has become one of today’s leading forms of socializing for people of all ages. Gamers need to be able to mobilize their gear quickly, safely, and without hassle.”

That’s where products such as Alienware and Mobile Edge cases come in. Designed to take a beating so your gear doesn’t have to, these carrying cases offer optimal storage space and organization for a wide range of gaming devices and peripherals.

Alienware and Mobile Edge Cases are like having a suit of armor for your laptop, tablet, or other device. They deliver protection and portability in slim, modern looking carrying cases that not only deliver the goods, but leave a lasting stylish impression wherever they go. The exteriors consist of weather-resistant, high-density nylon and molded panels while the interiors offer optimum padding to safeguard the expensive hardware.

The needs of today’s gamers run the gamut of requirements for gear, accessories and storage options, including:

· Tablets, laptops and mobile game consoles
· Controllers of all shapes and sizes
· Gaming mats and mouse pads
· Headsets, microphones, and mobile speakers
· Power cords, charging cords, and other connectors/adapters
· Hotspot connectors, remotes, and keyboards
· Wrist cushions, gaming gloves, etc.
· And let’s not forget required hydration (from water to coffee to adult beverages) as well as snacks, both sweet and salty.

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