Spring Travel Tips for Protecting Your Students Gear

Spring break is here. College students (and even a few high schoolers) seeking to escape their heavy course loads and hectic schedules are flocking to warmer weather—a vast annual spring migration for millions of young adults. For a week or more, armed with their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices, they’ll be swapping out serious studies for beaches, bikinis, parties, and sightseeing.

Top destinations include Las Vegas, Miami, Maui, Phoenix and Cancun—but no matter the destination, and no matter whether they’re traveling by road or air, spring breakers in general (and college students in particular), want to travel with confidence, knowing their electronics are safe and secure. A cracked screen, sand in a USB port, or a missing cord or peripheral device just won’t cut it.

Products such as Mobile Edge’s Alienware cases or SmartPack Backpacks, offer optimal storage space and organization for a wide range of portable computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and peripherals. They’re weather resistant, impact resistant, highly portable and stylish—just what an active college student needs to safeguard his or her expensive hardware and data.

Choosing a carrying case that’s right for you or your college student isn’t rocket science, but you do need to keep a few important considerations in mind:

1. Device Size Matters. Will you be carrying a laptop, tablet, gaming console, and/or some other electronic device in the case? What kinds of peripherals, cords, and accessories will need to be stored?
2. Protection and Durability. What conditions will the carrying case likely encounter? Do you need maximum rough-and-tumble protection against bumps and drops, or are you looking for ways to keep the elements out . . . or both? Your hardware is expensive and the data stored on it irreplaceable. If you travel a lot, you may want to consider an airport (TSA) friendly type of product such as Mobile Edge’s ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases.
3. Must have features. What features do you prefer in your backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase? Ergonomic fit, exterior mesh water-bottle pockets, eco-friendly materials, TSA airport friendly design, lifetime warranty?
4. Style. How important is the look of your carrying case? The style desired by a business traveler is bound to differ from the style preferred by a student or serious gamer. Various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials abound. Get the one that’s right for you or your student.


Alienware and Mobile Edge carrying cases come in numerous sizes, shapes and styles to match your needs. They deliver protection and portability in slim, modern looking carrying cases that not only deliver the goods, but leave a lasting, stylish impression. The exteriors consist of weather-resistant, high-density nylon and molded panels while the interiors offer optimum padding to safeguard often precious and expensive contents.

“Students have a lot invested in their laptops, mobile devices, or gaming systems, but many fail to ensure the safety of that gear with a high quality carrying case,” explains G. David Cartwright, President and CEO of Mobile Edge, the industry leader in innovative, stylish cases and accessories for portable computing and mobile gaming. “It’s a scenario we see a lot, as we strive to educate students, travelers, and even parents about the importance of protecting one’s gear. Carrying cases are not that expensive in comparison to the items they are tasked to protect now-a-days. So why sell yourself short by choosing the wrong case?”

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