Mobile Edge Puts Mobility and Connectivity Within Easy Reach

It’s a mobile world for today’s businessmen and women. The ability of busy workers to organize, transport, and protect their electronic devices and accessories with confidence and without hassle is more vital than ever to their success as well as the overall success of their companies.

According to by 2020, more than 100 million workers, representing some 72.3% of the U.S. workforce, will utilize some form of mobile device to aid work productivity. Essential tools will continue to include smartphones, tablets, wearable electronics, notebooks, laptops, backup power, media devices and (no doubt) other innovations we’ve yet to see.

“The world of work is constantly changing,” says President and CEO of Mobile Edge G. David Cartwright. “Twenty years ago, most people had to make their way into the office just to be able to connect to their digital worlds. There, they’d power up bulky, desktop systems to check and return overnight or weekend email, or check voicemail on the company PBX. Text messaging wasn’t even on the radar! If you happened to have an outside meeting or a business trip that took you out of town, you’d feel lucky if you got to travel with a co-worker or boss who had a cell phone so the office could reach you with anything urgent. Otherwise, the payphone was your only lifeline back to home and the office.”

Fast forward to today, and all of that’s changed. With smartphones and tablets, we can access our email, texts and voice messages around the clock if we choose, and from virtually anywhere in the world. Mobile devices have literally put the power of connectivity within every employee’s reach, from the CEO to frontline staff.

But being mobile doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel hundreds of miles with your gear, or that you even have to “travel” much for work. The simple act of taking your smartphone, tablet or laptop with you from work to home and back again qualifies you as being mobile. Now, imagine the ease of that daily transition to and from the office if you had the means of organizing all your devices and accessories in one highly portable and stylish carrying case. Imagine the time you’d save and the peace of mind you’d gain knowing that everything was in its right place, safe and sound, ready to go when you are.

With products such as Mobile Edge’s SmartPack Backpacks or Business Professionals collection, you don’t have to imagine. Each offers optimal storage space and organization for a wide range of devices and user needs, ranging from business executives ( SmartPack, Business Professional, ScanFast and Onyx) looking to transport smartphones, laptops, files and various office sundries, to IT specialists and field reps needing to organize and haul their tools of the trade, from cables, parts and testers, to storage media, peripherals, laptops and various other mobile devices.

Whatever your need or preference, Mobile Edge carrying cases:


1. Come in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles to match your needs, whether you’re carrying a laptop, tablet, smartphone, cables, accessories, books, paper files or all of the above.
2. Offer optimal storage space and organization for a wide range of portable devices and peripherals.
3. Are weather resistant and impact resistant. The exteriors consist of weather-resistant, high-density nylon and molded panels, while the interiors offer optimum padding to safeguard contents.
4. Deliver style and portability in slim, modern looking carrying cases that not only deliver the goods, but leave a lasting, stylish impression.
5. Are ergonomic and feature exterior mesh water-bottle pockets, eco-friendly materials, a TSA airport friendly design, and a lifetime warranty.

We live and work in a mobile world. If you’re like most successful businessmen and women, you’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and hard work into getting your company and your career to where it’s at. Carrying cases are an inexpensive way to protect your expensive hardware and irreplaceable data, and to keep it organized and ready to go to work for you at a moment’s notice.

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