Practical Ways to Prevent Child Victimization

When a child goes missing, some of the most important tools law enforcement officials have at their disposal are up-to-date photographs and information.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Child ID Kit helps parents organize descriptions of their children’s identifying features, medical information, and photographs. As part of Mobile Edge’s commitment to help prevent child abduction and exploitation, it’s available for download at our website. Also available there is a “Tip Sheet” for protecting children online, summarized below:

Take Charge

1. Set ground rules. Establish basic guidelines such as when your kids can go online, what sites they can visit, and limits on texting.
2. Research before you buy. Understand the technology you’re bringing into your home.
3. Report abuses. If your kids are dealing with cyberbullies or potential predators, report them to the website, cell service, law enforcement, or


4. Supervise Internet use. If you can see what your kids are doing, they’re less likely to get in trouble.
5. Safeguards don’t equal Safe Kids. Technology can’t replace your time and attention as a parent or guardian.
6. Don’t go overboard. Keeping an eye on your kids’ social networking is smart, but it’s never cool to post embarrassing messages or pictures to their page.


7. Talk to your kids. Ask and get involved so you’re not the last to know.
8. Show interest in their activities. When you do, they’ll be more likely to respect your rules.
9. Don’t pull the plug. Taking away Internet access doesn’t solve the problem. Talk to your kids about protecting themselves and respecting others online.

May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day in the United States. Each year, Mobile Edge donates 10% of the retail price of purchases from its NCMEC® Caring Case Collection directly to the NCMEC. Won’t you take a moment this May 25 to honor our Nation’s missing and exploited children, and to help keep hope alive for countless children and families?

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