Give Your Student the Gift of Protection, Productivity and Portability with Mobile Edge

When most high school or college students graduate, one of the biggest investments they’ve made to date, aside from cars or degrees, is in mobile technology—specifically their tablets, smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, or any combination thereof.

And even if students didn’t make the initial purchase of each of their handy gadgets (thanks Moms and Dads and guardians everywhere!), they have invested a great deal of time, emotion, and energy into integrating said devices into their daily lives. They rely on them for everything ranging from how they communicate with peers, family, and teachers, to how they plan their social activities and schoolwork. They are sources of entertainment and information. They are productivity “tools of the trade” for coursework, internships, and new found jobs.

Let’s be honest, though, for most students the last thing on their minds is “how can I keep my laptop or tablet safe?” That’s where Mom and Dad, Gram and Gramps, and everyone else with graduating students in their lives comes in.

The Perfect Graduation Gift

Mobile Edge offers a variety of carrying bags designed with transitioning students in mind—the perfect graduation gift as your student moves on from high school or college to post-graduate work and/or that first “real” job as a young adult.

Mobile Edge’s affordable laptop bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match personal styles as well as offer students the three “P”s of protection,  productivity, and portability:

1. The Express Backpack 2.0 provides great functionality and user comfort when carrying laptop computers. It features extra room for books and accessories, as well as an integrated tablet pocket for an iPad or other tablet.

2. Mobile Edge’s SlipSuit Sleeve ensures mobility and protection for laptops. Made of extra-thick, water-resistant EVA with reinforced corners, it features a large, exterior zippered pocket, and can be carried like a briefcase or easily slipped into a larger bag.

3. The SmartPack is a no-nonsense, ergonomically designed, super lightweight, stylish backpack for laptops and tablets, with ample space for books, files, and accessories. It’s rugged design is water resistant and features mesh pockets sized for water bottles.

4. The new ScanFast Herringbone Element Briefcase was crafted for sleek Ultrabook laptops and lightweight tablets. The eye-catching Herringbone material is accented with stylish black Koskin trim, and polished nickel fittings. Zippered compartments provide space for files, magazines, and accessories.

5. Our Slimline Ultrabook Case is perfectly suited for Tablets and Ultrabooks. Stylish and full-function, it features padded pockets for an Ultrabook and iPad or other popular tablet, plus space for files and accessories, an interior zippered pocket, a full-length exterior pocket, and an organizer for cell phones, iPods, flash drives, memory cards, pens and a key fob.

6. A graduate’s life can’t be all work and no play. Alienware Cases are designed to take a beating so tablets, laptops, slim and mobile game consoles, and controllers of all shapes and sizes don’t. Made of weather-resistant, high-density nylon, and offering maximum padding, these carrying cases offer optimal storage for a wide range of gaming gear.

This graduation season, give your student a gift that will make his or her transition into college and beyond easier and more worry free. Flowers may be nice, but a computer bag from Mobile Edge is invaluable for protecting your graduate’s expensive technology and irreplaceable data.

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