Mobile Edge – Bags for Every Occasion, Style and Personality. Where Do You Bring It?

Always stylish and forever functional, Mobile Edge makes bags for a wide range of people, personalities, and purposes. We invite you to meet some of our typical customers below, learn how our products support their mobile lifestyles, and then join our growing legion of customers and fans. Bring it on!

  • Meet Tilda. She’s flying cross country on business to pitch for a prospective new client. Her presentation’s been done for a week now, but she can’t help but think she should make use of the 5-plus hours of in flight time, prepping and practicing. She wants to make sure her slides are in sync with her printed materials, and that she comes across as knowledgeable and confident. She’s had her Mobile Edge Green Suede ScanFast Element Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase for 6 months now, and she doesn’t know how she was able to make her on the road/in the air time productive without it. Not only was she able to pass through airport security easily with it, everything she needs to practice and deliver her presentation is safe and sound and easy-to-access in-flight. Better yet, the big guy next to her has dozed off, so she can run through her slides on her laptop knowing she won’t have him looking over her shoulder.
  • Meet Dwayne. He’s zooming down the Interstate at a steady 65 mph. To anyone passing him, he must look quite the sight. His Ford Focus is overstuffed with clothes and supplies for his return to college, his roommates, and his crowded apartment. On the seat next to him, is his school companion for the last two years. No, it’s not his girlfriend (she’s not due to arrive at school for another few days). It’s his Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Canvas Backpack. Made of all-natural cotton canvas, it not only protects his mobile devices and electronics from the bumps and bruises of the road, while also providing storage for files, folders, books, and accessories, but it’s also stylish and features a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Meet Grace. She runs her own real estate business. She’s always on the go and needs her office to be as mobile as he is—have laptop, will travel! She also needs to look the part. Mobile Edge’s Verona Laptop Tote offers everything she needs: professional styling with a durable Vegan-leather exterior, padded poly-fur lined pockets for both her laptop and tablet, multiple pockets for securing personal items and accessories, top zipper storage sections, a matching accessory clutch, and a lifetime warranty.

You’d Look Good in a Mobile Edge

As a traveler, gamer, student, business professional, or all of the above, imagine what sporting a Mobile Edge laptop bag or backpack could do for you. Durable, versatile, and stylish, they get the job done  . . . and then some for a wide range of devices, ranging from tablets to laptops to gaming consoles, accessories, and more.

We have a bag for you. For information on the type of bag that’s best suited to your needs, visit the User Personalities section of our website for guidance.

Tell Us Where Do You Bring It

Where have your mobile adventures brought you and your Mobile Edge Bag? The more unusual and adventurous the better . . . and, who knows, we just might feature your story in a future blog.

Stay on Edge

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