Your Office: It’s Easier than Ever to Take It with You this Holiday Season

Even if you’re not going “over the river and through the wood to grandmother’s house” this holiday season, chances are you’re going somewhere—off on a tropical vacation, to your parents place back east (or north or south or west) for a holiday gathering, or to the next city or state over to meet up with friends and family for some holiday cheer or shopping. And chances are you’re not sweating packing up your clothes and shoes and toiletries or other sundries for your trip, whether it’s just an overnight jaunt or something longer, or even gifts and other goodies for those you’re visiting. You’ve no doubt got a suitcase or two for all of that, and it’s something you’ve done time and time again.

But modern life is full of all sorts of untested territory, presenting us with new challenges around every corner. Many of us will be traveling on or around the holidays, but we won’t be leaving the office behind. Even better, we won’t have to.

According to Judith Bowman, writing for the Huffington Post, only about 2% of the US workforce (about 2.9 million employees) telecommuted at some point in 2010. In 2016, according to Forrester Research, that number sits at a robust as 63 million workers or greater than 60% of the workforce!

Technology is what’s made it possible for the US workforce to become more mobile and less constrained to traditional office settings—that and congested highways making for tough commutes, worker expectations of greater flexibility, and the ever-expanding global marketplace, which makes it nearly impossible for a centralized office to service clientele that’s scattered around the country and/or the world.

With this uptick in mobility, there are also greater demands for workers to become more organized. No longer can you just show up for work, expecting all your office equipment and supplies to be at your fingertips. Nowadays it’s up to you to bring it with you.

1. Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

2. Wireless mouse/keypads

3. Chargers and Cords

4. Headphones for entertainment and for taking calls

5. USB drives

6. Power inverters & backup power supplies

7. Cables and connectors

8. Portable printers and scanners

9. Pens, paper, and files, etc.

If it all sounds like a bit much to keep corralled with a modicum of organization, you might be right—but long-time road warriors and mobile office gurus know what it takes to deploy their  mobile offices so that everything they need has a purpose, a place, and is accessible when they need it.

You can go even further with Mobile Edge’s new Professional Backpack and Rolling Case combination which provides a great option for packing your essential electronics and other personal items in one convenient mobile-friendly unit.

Will you telecommute this holiday season? Do you plan to now or in the future? Share your holiday office travel tips and ideas here with your fellow business travelers.


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