Your guide to getting the ideal Mobile Edge laptop bag

Chances are you received some new electronics as gifts over the holidays, or you put some of those gift cards or cash largesse to use toward a new tablet, laptop, or gaming console. As we roll into 2017, you need to start thinking about toting all that gear around safely and efficiently.

Where do you begin?

Let’s assume you’ve already decided to buy a Mobile Edge bag, case, or backpack. That’s a good, wise decision. Clearly, style, durability, protection, and affordability are important to you.

Now, what other factors should you consider?

1. TYPE OR STYLE. Mobile Edge laptop bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, both to accommodate specific types of gear as well as your fashion sensibilities. So when it comes to style, there are multiple options to consider. Start by determining the type of bag you want. Are you looking for a backpack, briefcase, rolling case, laptop case, sleeve, or something else? How important is style to you? Sure, we all want to look good carrying around our new devices, but there are different ways of doing so based on your preferences. Mobile Edge offers stylish, modern designs for both men and women, as well as special collections such as our Maddie Powers lines of laptop bags, our Caring Case Collection (which benefits breast cancer organizations), our ultra-cool Alienware line of laptop cases, the Onyx Collection for women seeking high-end features in one comfortable, and stylish package.

2. DEVICES. What kind of device (or devices) will you be carrying? Mobile Edge makes bags designed for specific gear, as well as bags flexible enough to accommodate multiple types of devices: cases for gamers, tablets and Ultrabooks, or briefcases, backpacks, and messenger bags to accommodate a variety of devices and needs.

3. SIZE. Size matters, especially when it comes to getting the bag that’s right for your gear. Most of our laptop cases, backpacks, briefcases, and bags come in a variety of size to fit traditional laptop sizes from 13 to 17 inches, as well as various tablet sizes. When shopping our online store, be sure to note the size specifications and keep in mind your current as well as future needs.

4. TRAVEL HABITS & MOBILITY NEEDS. Are you a weekend travel warrior, or are you constantly on the go day-in and day-out for work? Are you a frequent flyer, or is ground travel more your style? Are you a business professional, home business or small business owner, or a student? Mobile Edge offers a number of solutions to accommodate a wide range of user personalities and needs: students, tablet users, business professionals, gamers, TSA friendly bags for frequent flyers, and bags designed with mobile office needs in mind.

5. SAFETY/PROTECTION. All Mobile Edge cases are made of durable materials, designed for long-term use, and come with lifetime warranties. Generous padding and specially designed pockets and compartments result in optimal protection for your delicate electronics, media files, and other items.

6. ACCOMMODATING OTHER GEAR. In addition to your laptop, tablet, or gaming console, what other gear do you need to carry? Most likely, you’ll have additional electronics and accessories (such as a mouse, cords, chargers, etc.), as well as media files (stored on CDs, DVDs, USB drives, or portable hard drives), and even physical files, folders, and office supplies). For the ultimate in versatility, check out Mobile Edge’s Professional Backpack , which can accommodate multiple devices, accessories, and other gear, and is ideal for the busy traveler.

For more information on our products and/or assistance in picking the bag that’s right for you, contact us toll free at (866) 577-7774 or (714) 399-1400.

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