6 Tips for Easing the Return to Routines after Spring Break

Spring Break is over. It’s time for many students to assess where they’re at in body and spirit before getting back to cracking the books. It’s also time for them to take inventory of their electronics—from gaming to productivity and everything in-between to make sure their gear made it through all the Spring Break revelry unscathed.

Many Spring Breakers have a tough time with the return to normalcy, especially if they’ve gone on a vacation or trip to some exotic locale. So how does one get back in the groove of attending classes, studying, and test-taking—especially after you’ve just spent a week partying in the sand and sun?

1. Just like riding a bicycle and falling off, the best thing to do upon your return is to get right back in the swing of things. Immediately getting back to normal student routines of classes, studying, and socializing can go a long way to easing the transition.

2. Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy meals and snacks. A well-rested and well-fueled body leads to a well-fueled brain.

3. Don’t be lulled into the trap of procrastination. The temperatures may be warmer and the days longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to be lazy. Staying on top of your studies and assignments can help you avoid feelings of overwhelm, which can actually feed the procrastination cycle.

4. Spring Break is sort of a reward for working hard all year long. With that in mind, just because you’ve returned to school doesn’t mean the rewards have to end. Reward yourself in small but meaningful ways to keep you motivated and productive, such as going to a movie, granting yourself quiet time, reading a book for pleasure, social activities, and so on.

5. Whenever there is a lot to do and there are lots of distractions, it’s time to get organized. Calendar your classes, block off time to study, make a to-do list, and arrange your books, papers, and assignments so you can spend more time studying and less time looking for stuff.

6. In addition to getting your schedule under control, getting your electronics organized can go a long way to keeping your mind focused on where it should be: your studies. Most students have laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and related accessories that they need to keep track of. Mobile Edge offers a wide range of stylish and student-friendly laptop sleeves, messenger bags, and backpacks to help students get organized, stay organized, and keep their gear safe.

The return to school after Spring Break can be a surprisingly stressful time for high school and college students as they gear up for the final stretch toward finals and, for some, graduation. Taking the time to be planful about your return to school routines and getting organized can go a long way to helping ease the transition back.

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