Style Your Dad for Father’s Day

Does your Dad need a makeover?

  • Gets his haircut at the same barbershop he’s gone to since he was a kid. √ Check.
  • Wears socks with his Crocks. √ Check.
  • Wears Crocks. √ Check.
  • Insists that he can’t do without his fanny pack. √ Check.
  • Wears baggy, no name Jeans from the big box store. √ Check.
  • Turns those baggy, no name Jeans into cutoffs when the leg bottoms get frayed. √ Check.
  • Didn’t get the memo that short shorts are out. √ Check.
  • Considers wearing black and brown together a bold fashion statement. √ Check.

Sadly, Mobile Edge can’t help out with the unforgivable fashion fails above, but we can help add some style to your Dad’s mobility gear.

1. Is your Dad a gamer? Don’t laugh. Some 28 Percent of eSports Fans and Players in the USA are over age 35. Mobile Edge recently introduced a refresh of its Alienware Vindicator family of backpacks, briefcasesmessenger bags, and rolling cases. Timed to coincide with the release of Alienware’s next generation of bestselling gaming laptops, each of Mobile Edge’s Alienware 2.0 products comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in various sizes to accommodate 13-, 15-, and 17” laptops.

2. Is your Dad a busy professional and/or frequent traveler? Mobile Edge’s new Professional Backpack and Rolling Case combination provides a great option for busy professionals and travelers. Dads can pack essential electronics and other personal items in one convenient mobile-friendly unit, saving wear and tear on your Dad’s back. Mobile Edge also offers a complete line of checkpoint friendly laptop cases sure to be a hit with frequent travelers who want to speed through airport security checkpoints. The ScanFast™ Collection bags exceed TSA guidelines for checkpoint friendly carry-on luggage.

3. Is your Dad environmentally conscious? Mobile Edge’s Ecollection line of environmentally-friendly cases are made from either DuPont™ Sorona®, a pioneering material produced from corn stalks, or all-natural cotton canvas. Each packs a lot of style and function into a minimal carbon footprint. Of particular interest to eco-Dads might be the ECO Briefcase, a casual, lightweight alternative to the traditional briefcase.

4. For corporate, yet casual, Dads, the Mobile Edge Briefcase brings together form, function and style. Each case is meticulously crafted to integrate exclusive technology, including the Wireless Security Shield™, the bungee comfort system, and the patented SafetyCell™ computer protection system. Messenger bags are also an ideal laptop carry solutions for business professionals looking for a variety of styles, sizes, and functionality. Designs are available in nylon, leather, synthetic leather, and eco-friendly canvas materials.

5. And let’s not forget to accessorize. From power supplies, chargers, and cases, to notebook locks, security wallets, storage cases, and more, Mobile Edge’s wide range of accessories make perfect complements to your Dad’s briefcase, backpack, case, or messenger bag selection.

Do you have other gift ideas for Dad? If so, share them here.

In the meantime, be sure to honor your Dad this Father’s Day by recognizing him for all the things—big and small—he’s done and does for you all year long.

Have a healthy, happy, and joyful Father’s Day!

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