CORE Gaming Backpack Kickstarter Update: Let’s Make It Happen!

With just a few days to go (the CORE Gaming Backpack kickstarter ends at 4:55 am EDT Friday, September 22, 2017), TIME IS RUNNING OUT for you to support this project and be among the first to get this award-winning backpack at an incredible discount off retail pricing.

While we are within a few thousand dollars of reaching our funding goal, this kickstarter project is ALL OR NOTHING. The project will only be funded if we reach our goal! We need CORE fans and supporters to up their game by telling others about this exciting new product.

If you’ve already pledged support, THANK YOU! You won’t be disappointed in your new CORE Gaming Backpack. Maybe you know a friend, colleague, or even a complete stranger who’d be interested too? If so, pass the kickstarter link and information along to him or her.

If you haven’t yet backed this project, but are interested – don’t delay. The clock is ticking on this opportunity and there are plenty of pledge options from high to low and for individuals or teams to get involved.

Winner of the 2017 TWICE Award in the PC Accessories category, the CORE Gaming Backpack is a great gift for gamers, travelers, busy professionals, and students too!

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