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We’ve Got a Bag for That

The start of a new year is always a good time to clean out those overworked travel bags, purses, and briefcases. Who knows what’s hiding in this nook and that cranny?

If the thought of doing a deep clean of your favorite travel bag, laptop case, or work backpack has you quaking in fear, maybe it’s time you considered a refresh. If you’re feeling overwhelmed there’s probably a reason for that—maybe that’s because what you’ve been using all these years isn’t exactly what you need to maintain your road warrior, mobile professional, gamer, or busy student lifestyle.


There’s an old saying: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” While its origins are somewhat unclear, it is clear that it originated sometime back in the early- to mid-1800s, back at a time when space was at a premium aboard ships, coaches, and even in homes and apartments. Back then, clutter was a luxury even the well-to-do couldn’t readily afford. Storage was at a premium. You had to be organized and stay organized to ensure your stuff stayed under cover and under wraps.

Nowadays, while clutter is more commonplace (just open any closet in most average American homes . . . we dare ya!), space on airplanes, trains, buses, and automobiles remains at a premium. If you’re travelling—whether it’s cross town or cross country—you want to be sure you’re bringing only what you need, that it’s well protected, that it’s organized, and that you can get to it immediately when you need to.

That’s where Mobile Edge comes in.


Every Mobile Edge bag is designed with busy travelers and mobile consumers in mind. If there’s electronic gear you own—from 17” to 18” laptops and gaming consoles, to tablets and smartphones, to keyboards, mice, and sundry other accessories—Mobile Edge has a bag, a style, and a storage/mobility solution that’s right for you.

Here are a few to consider:

Eco-Friendly— Made from DuPont™ Sorona® or all-natural cotton canvas, our line of environmentally-friendly laptop bags leave a smaller carbon foot print than traditional laptop bags but are style packed with the features, functions, and style you come to expect from Mobile Edge.

GRAPHITE Line—For 2018, Mobile Edge introduced this special collection, a brand-new product line sporting a sleek, modern, edgy look and featuring seven of Mobile Edge’s most popular and bestselling cases, redesigned using a new, premium ‘Graphite’ nylon material.

Maddie Powers—Simplistic yet sassy designs coupled with vintage images make our Maddie Powers Collection stand apart from everyday boring laptop cases, blending the glamour of yesterday’s Hollywood starlets and sports icons with today’s mobile lifestyle. For both Men and Women, laptop bags have never looked this good!

Scan-Fast Checkpoint Friendly—Mobile Edge is the market leader in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases. The ScanFast™ Collection has been tested and exceeds the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for Checkpoint Friendly Carry-on luggage, so you’ll no longer need to remove your laptop from your case.

Solutions for iPad & Tablet Users—Because iPads and tablets are quickly becoming the go-to product for just about anyone who wants to increase learning, grow productivity, or simply streamline their information, Mobile Edge has created a line of cases, bags and accessories that make travelling with your iPad or tablet easy as well as stylish.

Solutions for Gamers—Mobile Edge and Dell Alienware have partnered to create some of the most cutting-edge bags and backpacks on the market. These bags were designed with the gamer in mind—whether you just want the ease of carrying your gear around town or you like to bring it along wherever you go, near or far.

Solutions for Road Warriors—Travel-tested solutions that make being on the road easier and more efficient but still allow all you road warriors to express your personal taste and unique sensibilities.

Solutions for Students—Trying to decide between a backpack and a messenger for your student? Not sure what the ideal size or style bag is for your laptop? Eliminate the guesswork with Mobile Edge products for every type of student, from grammar school to grad school!

Sumo Cases—Sumo Cases are known for their colorful designs utilizing a unique blend of quilted fabrics and fun styles for both men and women. Perfect for both Mac and PC laptops, you’re sure to find a Sumo case to match your personal style.


No matter what your need or your style preference, Mobile Edge has the mobility solution for you. Visit our www.mobiledge.com to browse our various collections.

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