Got Gear? Now Get Protection

When it comes to our electronics and mobile devices, none of us ever thinks disaster will strike until it does.

Imagine these scenarios . . .

  • You’re shooting across the UC San Diego campus on your Diamondback bike, when a greenhorn frosh steps out onto the bike path and sends you skidding to a hard landing. You’re OK, but your backpack and all its contents took flight during your abrupt course correction. Now your bag is propped against a rather hard looking cement bench about 10 feet beyond where you came to a stop. Inside is your laptop, your tablet, mouse, keyboard, and a treasure trove of miscellaneous accessories. The bag looks OK, but they way it’s squished on one side has alarm bells going off in your head. You can imagine picking it up and giving it a shake and hearing inside what sounds like a million pieces of scrap bouncing and scraping against one another. In between colorful curse words intended for said undergrad, you’re wondering as you slowly make your way to your bag, “Why, oh why didn’t I listen to Mom and Dad and renew my Carbonite for this semester?”
  • You’re a road warrior and it’s just another day of hectic traveling on the road for you. As you’ve done a hundred times before, from that morning on the San Diego airport shuttle to the mad dash to your gate, to business class stowage under the seat in front of you, you’ve successfully moved your entire mobile office with you. Your laptop, external hard drive, portable scanner, mouse, and noise cancelling headphones are all safely tucked away until your next stop. Only now, it’s late at night. You’ve just landed in a small airport in some midwestern town you only heard about for the first time yesterday. There’s no jet bridge for debarking this flight. Instead, you have to climb down the plane’s steep flight of steps. It’s dark, there’s a light drizzle—and did that just happen? Did you really just lose control of your electronics bag and send it tumbling end-over-end to the tarmac?
  • You and your girlfriend go gaming pretty much every weekend. Depending on the venue, you and she either participate or one or both of you spectates. For the most part, the venues are crowded, loud, and dimly lit except for the rapid-fire pulse of the big screens where all the heart-pounding gaming action takes place. This day, you’re tired, she’s tired, the crowds are a little too big and the fees to participate (15 MLG credits each) seem a bit much, so you and the GF decide to kick back and to watch COD from the main floor while you enjoy some popcorn, burgers, and heavily caffeinated beverages. During one of the rowdier segments, the seats around you literally erupt with fans doing what fans do best: jumping, shouting, and chest thumping. Only you know all too well that what goes up must come down, and in this case it’s a 300-pound behemoth who lands awkwardly and proceeds to fall straight towards you. You and your girl are nimble enough to avert disaster, but neither of your bags is. Mr. 300 pounds lands squarely on your bag, filled to the brim with your gaming gear, and gives a glancing blow to your girlfriend’s bag. As the big guy rebounds—he’s none the worse for wear. Of course, you’re hoping you can say the same for your gear. You’re’ almost too afraid to check it out.


Let’s be frank. Nothing is life is certain. And Mobile Edge can’t guarantee that all the gear you entrust to a Mobile Edge bag will withstand the sturdiest of beat downs, earthquakes, and other small calamities, such as those described above. What we can guarantee is that, all things being equal, you’ll gain greater peace of mind knowing that your gear is protected in a Mobile Edge bag versus some other brand.

Mobile Edge bags are tough and they’re designed to keep your gear safe while making you look good doing it.

  • Dedicated protective laptop compartments
  • Dedicated pouches/pockets for tablets and smartphones
  • Dedicated, secure storage for drives, memory media, and a range of other accessories
  • Custom molded fasteners to keep your gear secure
  • Most bags feature weather proof, durable ballistic nylon exteriors or DuPont™ Sorona® (a pioneering material produced from corn stalks) for a durable and ECO-friendly approach.
  • And of course, all of Mobile Edge’s bags come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


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