Your Gear Would Sure Look Good in a New Mobile Edge Carrying Case

Your Gear Would Sure Look Good in a New Mobile Edge Carrying Case

We get it. Your laptop bag or backpack is like a trusted friend. It’s been with you on so many trips near and far that it’s difficult to imagine being without your constant travel companion. But if you’re being honest with yourself, then you must admit that your mobile buddy has seen better days.

As a road warrior, business commuter, frequent traveler, or busy student, chances are you’ve been putting your bag through the paces day-in and day-out for years. So maybe it’s time you gave serious consideration to reimagining what you need most in a travel bag for your laptop gear and mobile accessories.


Just in time for 2018, Mobile Edge has introduced a brand-new special collection geared toward discriminating mobile consumers. Sporting a modern, edgy look, the distinctive Graphite collection represents a new take on seven of Mobile Edge’s most popular and bestselling cases redesigned using a new, premium ‘Graphite’ nylon material combined with a fashion-inspired interior lining. The result is a collection of user-proven products built specifically to fit the individual tastes and personal styles of a wide range of mobile consumers.


Bags in the Graphite collection include various styles and sizes designed to fit and protect a wide range of devices, accessories, and gear while looking good doing it. Each bag was designed with great functionality, user comfort, and style in mind. Features include premium graphite ballistic nylon exterior material, dedicated padded computer compartments, steel fittings, self-healing zippers, and Mobile Edge’s lifetime warranty.

Bags in the Graphite special collection include:


No matter what your need or your style preference, Mobile Edge has the mobility solution for you. Visit to learn more about our Graphite cases and various other collections.

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