Solutions as Mobile Consumers Embrace the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) continues to expand beyond traditional computers, smartphones, mobile devices and TVs, to include billions of other physical “smart” devices around the globe that monitor, control, analyze, communicate with, and optimize the digital and physical world around us.

Not sure what the IoT is?

Whether you know it or not, the IoT has been rapidly growing in recent years. More than just computers, smartphones, and tablets, the IoT includes  driverless cars, smart homes, smart offices, smart cities, augmented and virtual reality, wearable technology, intelligent sensors, robotics, drones, etc.

Examples of the IoT Abound

Do you have an Alexa in your home or a Google Home device? They are part of the IoT. Intrigued by the possibilities of driverless cars? Another example of the IoT.

Other examples include app-controlled dimmers on lightbulbs, cooking devices, smart thermostats, timers, streaming music devices, etc.

Whether we realized it or not, the IoT has grown up all around us. If the dawn of the World Wide Web was about computers connecting to other computers to share data,  and the advent of social media was about people connecting and sharing this data, the IoT is about everything connecting to everything, virtually and quite literally.

Some Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

From, “The IoT promises to make our environment—our homes and offices and vehicles—smarter, more measurable, and chattier. Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home make it easier to play music, set timers, or get information. Home security systems make it easier to monitor what’s going on inside and outside, or to see and talk to visitors. Meanwhile, smart thermostats help us heat our homes before we arrive back, and smart lightbulbs can make it look like we’re home even when we’re out.”

Solutions for Mobile Consumers

For more than 15 years, Mobile Edge has been putting in endless time, effort, and expertise toward the design and development of durable and highly functional, protective mobility solutions for busy professionals, business commuters, frequent travelers, and students and gamers. As the IoT takes hold, Mobile Edge cases, bags, and backpacks provide peace of mind and ease of transport for discriminating mobile consumers in this increasingly mobile world.

The Mobile Edge “Pro” Series: Professional Backpack and Rolling Laptop Case Combo

Mobile Edge’s Professional Rolling Laptop Case and the matching Professional Backpack, which fits securely atop the rolling case using a trolley strap, are perfect for business travelers and students. The case features an adjustable compartment to fit tablets, notebooks, and laptops from 13 to 17 inches, while the backpack holds laptops and other devices 13 to 16 inches.

The Graphite Line: Look Sharp & Travel Smart

Mobile Edge’s new Graphite Line special collection sports a modern, edgy look, representing a fresh take on seven of our most popular and bestselling cases redesigned using a new, premium ‘graphite’ nylon material combined with a fashion-inspired interior lining. The result is a collection of user-proven products built specifically to fit the individual tastes and personal styles of a wide range of mobile consumers.

ScanFast Checkpoint-Friendly Collection

Mobile Edge’s ScanFast™ Collection for men and women features industry-leading “Checkpoint Friendly” cases and backpacks designed to speed travelers with laptops through airport security checkpoints. Our ScanFast™ technology exceeds Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for carry-on luggage, allowing screeners to scan laptops while the laptops remain inside the bag.

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