TKK Electronics Partners with Mobile Edge

TKK Electronics Partners with Mobile Edge to Offer Protective Laptop Cases, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, and Other Mobility Solutions to Savvik Buying Group Member Agencies

Mobile Edge products are now available at volume contract pricing to Savvik member agencies, which include first responders, hospitals, clinics, schools, and other public and private sector organizations in 49 states and several international provinces.

ANAHEIM, CA (March 13, 2018)— TKK Electronics, LLC recently won a significant national contract with Savvik Buying Group to provide technology products, ranging from laptops to smartphones to software, to its 7,000-member agencies in the United States. Now, through a partnership with Anaheim-based Mobile Edge, the complete line of Mobile Edge protective laptop cases, messenger bags, backpacks, and other mobility solutions are available to all Savvik member agencies at discounted pricing.

Of significance to member agencies, this national contract can be used in lieu of each municipality having to create its own public bidding process. Mobile Edge prices have already been pre-negotiated and volume contract pricing is made available to all Savvik members through TKK Electronics. TKK’s contract with Savvik runs through the year 2020.

“For more than 15 years, Mobile Edge has been putting in endless time, effort, and expertise toward the design and development of durable and highly functional, protective mobility solutions for busy professionals, business commuters, frequent travelers, and students and gamers,” said G. David Cartwright, Mobile Edge president & CEO. “With this partnership with TKK, we are excited and honored to be able to provide great functionality and outstanding value, along with user comfort and innovative designs, to so many of our nation’s first responders and to hospitals, clinics, and schools across the country.”

As experts in technology, TKK Electronics helps guide customers down the best suited and most affordable path for all their technology needs. “TKK is excited to be able offer Mobile Edge products to organizations that help protect us,” said Juan Hernandez, CEO of TKK Electronics. “Mobile Edge’s innovative and highly functional designs, plus the added cost savings, is a win for end users looking to protect and transport their mobile computing gear and accessories. All Savvik members can start taking advantage of contract pricing for Mobile Edge products immediately.”

The Savvik Buying Group, formally known as the North Central EMS Corporation, is a non-profit organization owned by its members and formed to reduce the financial impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 within the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) industry. Their mission is to provide members a mechanism to achieve cost reductions, which has evolved into a group-purchasing program. Its membership is comprised of ambulance services, fire departments, first responder groups, police/sheriff departments, industrial emergency response teams, and other organizations related to the EMS industry.

About Mobile Edge

Founded in 2002, Anaheim-based Mobile Edge produces award-winning durable and protective laptop cases, messenger bags, backpacks, and more for busy professionals, road warriors, students, and gamers. Mobile Edge is known for its innovative and stylish designs, superior-quality, lifetime warranty, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Many leading computer manufacturers rely on Mobile Edge to design and build custom cases for their products.

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