Accessorize Your Gear with Mobile Edge

Your new PC laptop just arrived, all shiny and new. The bubble wrap is off, the instructions neatly discarded, and you’ve already got the power cord in the wall and charging.

You’re in full anticipation mode for the Windows 10 boot-up to complete so you can get elbows deep into customizing the look and feel of your new device, but looking around your desktop, your enthusiasm starts to wane. You just noticed that your mouse and mousepad are looking mighty shabby sitting next to your newest purchase.

Your other new purchase, a Graphite Corporate Briefcase from Mobile Edge is looking pretty spiffy too. It’s part of Mobile Edge’s new special Graphite collection, which features seven of the brand’s most popular and bestselling cases redesigned and re-imagined using a new, premium ‘graphite’ nylon material. The new bag just seems to be begging you to pack it with some new accessories instead of that tired old stuff you’ve been hanging on to for the past few years.

Luckily, Mobile Edge has just the accessories you and your mobile lifestyle need, and they’re only a few clicks away online:

Track in Style

With a wireless range of up to 30 feet and the ability to be optimized to accommodate virtually any size monitor with precise accuracy at a comfortable speed, Mobile Edge’s 7-button Wireless Optical Mouse is a great ergonomic solution for PC users. Forward and back buttons make web browsing easier, and there’s a double click button for productivity or gaming use.

For those with ultra-portability in mind, Mobile Edge’s new Ultra-Portable Wireless Optical Mouse offers the ease of use of a regular mouse combined with the portability of a mobile, wireless device.The USB Adapter can be stored in the body of the mouse while you’re on the road, and when the adapter is in the mouse, the mouse automatically shuts down saving precious battery life.

Mobile Edge also offers the Wireless Folding Optical Mouse, which folds to 60% of its full size, saving space and power at the same time because, when folded, the mouse automatically turns off.

And don’t forget a mat for your mouse. Mobile Edge offers two sizes of its Core Gaming Mouse Mat: Standard (14″ x 10″) and XL (32.5″ x 15″). Not only do they provide protection from wear and tear for your mouse, but they aid in the precision of your mouse movements and the XL is large enough to accommodate keyboards too!

Power on the Go

Today’s mobile lifestyle requires power on the go. There’s nothing more annoying than running out of juice when you need it most. Mobile Edge provides a range of portable power stations to provide the flexibility you need to charge your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, or other mobile device (or even your laptop) while you’re on the go.


We’ve Got Your Mobile Lifestyle Covered

Mobile Edge also offers a wide range of accessories for iPads and tablets, USB hubs, notebook locks, RFID blocking wallets (must for all travelers), portable storage cases, and wireless remotes.

Check out all mobile accessories (and more) at Mobile Edge.

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