Finding the Right Case for the New Job

Alex was starting a new job on Monday. While the new job was in the same industry Alex had been working in for the last 20-plus years, the stage was bigger than he was used to—national vs. regional—and the stakes much higher. The people and places he was going to encounter were going to be different too, so making a good first impression was critical to his getting off on the right foot.

Look Good, Travel Smart

For the last few weeks, Alex had spent a good deal of time shopping for a new work wardrobe so he could dress and look the part that his new employers and his new clients expected. For starters, he’d gotten a couple of tailored suits, shirts, dress shoes, and pants for those days when clients and investors were in the office and he’d need to look his tip-top best for meetings and networking events. For his “non-client” office days, when business casual would do, he’d picked up a handful of quality dress shirts and slacks, plus some trendy shoes; and for dress-down Fridays and those nights on the road when he was on his own and able to relax after hours, he’d opted for a couple of pairs of crisp jeans and some polos.

In his new job, Alex was going to be doing a lot more traveling that he was used to—especially by airplane, with frequent 1- or 2-night stays in cities all across the United States. As a result, he was going to have to be more mobile than ever, and more efficient. Sometimes, he’d have to head across country to a client with less than a day’s notice. He’d have little time to prepare, and he couldn’t afford to leave behind some critical tools of the trade. He needed a way to keep his mobile office organized and ready to go when needed.

Luckily, in his line of work and at his level, those tools of the trade consisted mainly of a laptop, tablet, smartphone, portable scanning device, and related cords and accessories—nothing too exotic, but each piece indispensable. If he were to accidentally leave a cord or charger at home, sure he could get a new one on the road, but did he really have time to waste tracking peripheries down when he needed to be tending to clients and to business? Hardly.

Gaining an Edge

Giving his new office duds a test run about 10 days before his first day on the new job, it became quite clear to Alex that he needed to upgrade his old laptop bag in a major way. His constant companion for the last five years on many a crosstown or cross-state journey, the bag appeared dog-eared and tired, not the look or the impression he was going for. Plus, he knew could never carry everything he needed in it, especially not on a plane.

In his old job, he was constantly tossing a cord or charger into the glove compartment of his car or under the seat, which worked fine when he was never more than a parking lot or parking garage away from the vehicle. But clearly, such an approach would not work when he was half-way across the country and his car (and cords and chargers) were back at home base, awaiting his return. What he needed was a solution for his mobile electronics that not only made him look good, but that provided ample storage and organization so that he could “bring it with him” whenever and wherever he was headed.

Talking about the new job with his best friend over dinner one evening, Marco told Alex about several options he considered recently, all from Mobile Edge:

The Graphite Line

Mobile Edge’s Graphite Line special collection sports a modern, edgy look, representing a fresh take on seven of our most popular and bestselling cases redesigned using a new, premium graphite-colored nylon material combined with a fashion-inspired interior lining. The result is a collection of user-proven products built specifically to fit the individual tastes and personal styles of mobile consumers as well as fit and protect a wide range of devices, accessories, and gear.

Professional Backpack and Rolling Laptop Case Combo

Mobile Edge’s Professional Rolling Laptop Case and the matching Professional Backpack, which fits securely atop the rolling case using a trolley strap, are perfect for road warriors. Stylish, durable, and highly functional, the laptop case features an adjustable compartment to fit tablets, notebooks, and laptops from 13 to 17 inches, while the backpack holds laptops and other devices 13 to 16 inches. Each stows easily under airplane seats or in overhead bins, while also providing ample storage.

ScanFast™ Checkpoint-Friendly Collection

Mobile Edge’s ScanFast™ Collection features industry-leading “Checkpoint Friendly” cases and backpacks designed to speed travelers with laptops through airport security checkpoints. Our ScanFast™ technology exceeds Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for carry-on luggage, allowing screeners to scan laptops while the laptops remain inside the bag. Bags in this collection include the ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0 (for laptops up to 16″ and MacBooks up to 17″) and the  Eco-Friendly Briefcase (environmentally-friendly case fits laptops up to 16”).

The Right Case for the Job

Ultimately, Alex opted for the ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0 with its separate, padded ScanFast™ computer compartment for superior protection; numerous accessory pockets to hold files, cords, and various personal items; and a trolley strap so he could sit the case atop his rolling carry-on luggage. For Alex, it was the best solution. For meetings in-house or across the country, he could use it as a stylish, modern-looking briefcase; and for those times when he needed to be away for a few days, it could serve as his mobile office, safely and securely storing all his electronics and accessories in one convenient location, easy to access and ready to go when he was.

Bring It On

No matter what your need or your style preference, Mobile Edge has the mobility solution for you and your gear. Visit our to browse our ScanFast™ and various other collections for road warriors and busy travelers.

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