Opportunities for Competitive Gamers Rival that of Traditional Athletes

Opportunities for Competitive Gamers Rival that of Traditional Athletes

If your high-school or college-aged athlete needed a bag or duffel to transport and organize his or her soccer, football, hockey, track and field, or other sporting gear, you wouldn’t give a second thought to outfitting him or her with the right tools for the job . . . would you? It’s a traditional right of passage for our youth, whether those activities one day result in professional success or simply remain a way for casual athletes to stay in shape.

In 2018, it’s time to add another type of athlete to this list: the competitive gamer (or eSports athlete). With more than 250 million players worldwide, and even more fans, playing video games—even as a hobby—no longer carries with it the stigma of mal-nourished, sedentary players glued in front of flickering computer screens late at night. ESports is now recognized as an official sport by high schools, colleges, and professional organizations around the globe.

According to the Newzoo 2018 Global eSports Market Report:

  • The total eSports audience will reach 380 million people this year, representing growth of more than 13.5% from 2017.
  • In 2017, there were nearly 600 major eSports events representing some $59 million in ticket revenue, up from $32 million the year before.
  • Prize money for major eSports events held in 2017 is estimated at $112 million.
  • Global eSports revenues are expected to jump more than 38% this year, to slightly more than $906 million ($345 million in North America).

Deloitte.com estimates that by 2020, the global eSports market will generate $1.5 billion in annual revenues, derived from sponsorships and advertising, betting, ticket sales, and merchandising. And in the recent article, A 2018 Update On Trends in eSports, Medium.com reported that “revenues, audiences, and events are growing exponentially. All of these statistics indicate double-digit growth, with brand investment, predicted to reach triple digits.”

When compared to the revenues of traditional sports leagues, such as the NBA and NHL—according to Statista.com, total NBA league revenue in 2017 was $7.37 billion; while the NHL took in $4 billion last year—it’s clear the opportunities that an eSport athlete has (or will soon have) are likely to one day rival those of participants in other, more-traditional sports.

Gamers are Athletes Too

In 2016,  a study of eSports athletes conducted by scientists at the German Sports University, found that eSports athletes are exposed to “physical strains similar to those of ‘normal’ athletes.” They attributed this strain to hand and eye movements as well as increased brain activity as eSports competitors encounter game play that requires snap decision-making as well as rapid physical movements and reflexes.

According to the study, many aspects of eSports areas demanding as other types of sports:

  • The physical demands of hand-eye coordination for eSports athletes had never been observed in any other sport, not even in table-tennis (which is renowned for its demanding hand-eye coordination).
  • The amount the stress hormone cortisol produced by gamers was found to be at about the same level as that of racecar drivers.
  • eSports athletes attained pulse rates as high as 160 to 180 beats per minute, equivalent to that experienced by runners and marathoners.

eSports is a Game Changer

Mobile Edge recognizes that the growth of eSports is a game changer. With all this interest in eSports, participants and enthusiasts alike now more than ever need a reliable way to stow and transport their gear from home to school to gaming venues and back again . . . and Mobile Edge is leading the way.

CORE Gaming Backpack

Named the 2017 VIP Award Winner in TWICE Magazine’s PC Accessories category, the full-featured CORE Gaming Backpack offers the ultimate in transport, protection, storage, and easy access to gaming gear, accessories, and other cool tech.

  • Sized to hold all popular models of gaming laptops (up to 17″-18″)
  • Three large storage sections pre-wired for a power bank or external battery
  • Four side accessory pockets for cables, phones, or oversized water bottles or snacks
  • Built-in external USB charge port
  • Checkpoint-friendly design to speed through TSA checkpoints
  • Constructed of durable ballistic nylon with tailored contrast stitching
  • Lifetime warranty

Gamers and their followers may be particularly interested in the Core Gaming Backpack with Velcro panel, which features a Velcro panel on which athletes and fans can affix patches and emblems of their favorite teams.

Mobile Power Supplies

Gamers also need power and performance on the go, and Mobile Edge offers two options to meet the mobile power supply needs of demanding eSports participants.

The compact and versatile CORE Power AC, with its massive battery capacity, provides extreme power and performance for even your most power-hungry devices! It features a universal AC outlet that delivers an incredible 85 watts of power. With 27,000mAh, you can plug in and power laptops and personal electronics, as well as USB devices.

  • CORE Power (26,800mAh Portable USB Battery/Charger)

Perfect for business professionals, travelers, students, and other commuters, the CORE Power battery/charger easily slips into a briefcase, handbag, backpack, or carry-on for reliable universal portable power at your fingertips. Works with smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers, drones, Bluetooth headsets, wearables, and other USB devices.

Check out the CORE Gaming Backpack and other CORE accessories at Mobile Edge.

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