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With Mobile Edge Protective Bags and Cases, Professionals & Students Travel in Style

With so many people on the move these days for work, school, or vacation, today’s business professionals, frequent travelers, and students need protective laptop bags, backpacks, and cases they can count on to protect their valuable electronics and computer gear.

One of Mobile Edge’s top priorities is to provide a way for teachers, administrators, students, and other professionals to transport all their gear safely, conveniently, and in style.

Protective carrying bags and cases are the most desired accessory when someone purchases a tablet or laptop. Our top trending bags for education professionals and students include:

  • CORE GAMING BACKPACK—Named the 2017 VIP Award Winner by TWICE Magazine, Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack is an ideal fit for most laptops and gaming consoles, making them popular with students, gamers, and busy professionals. The backpack comes in three versions, each of which includes dedicated compartments for accessories, keyboards, controllers, and more. One version features a Velcro-panel for affixing patches and emblems, which is especially popular with schools.
  • SMARTPACK BACKPACK—The SmartPack Backpack is a stylish, no-nonsense backpack that’s ergonomically designed and super lightweight. It comes in three versions, each of which offers laptop and tablet protection, plus ample space for books, files, and accessories. The premium backpack features additional storage space, a Cool-Mesh™ ventilated back panel, and a removable smartphone pocket.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CHARCOAL LAPTOP MESSENGER BAG—Designed for the environmentally-conscious, the Eco-Friendly Charcoal Laptop Messenger Bag is made of an all-natural cotton canvas. It features a dedicated padded laptop compartment, a front workstation that includes space for pens, mobile phones, and miscellaneous items, plus a separate section for files, folders, magazines, and accessories.

Organizations, businesses, school, and even teams can have their Mobile Edge bags imprinted with a logo or other decoration/text. In the hands of business travelers, clients, employees, teachers, and students, branded bags act as powerful traveling advertisements that leave lasting impressions and build brand awareness.

  • Custom logo options for Mobile Edge bags include a custom patch (molded 3D and digital print available) at an affordable cost of $3 per bag (plus a $100 set up charge) or a 5,000-stitch embroidered decoration (embroidery pricing based on complexity of design).

To learn more about branded/imprinted bags and various options, visit Mobile Edge’s online Premiums Store.

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