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Life a Little Simpler for Moms, One Gift Idea at a Time

MAKING LIFE A LITTLE SIMPLER FOR MOMS, ONE GIFT IDEA AT A TIME – Gadgets and Gifts to Keep Moms Organized and Productive at Work and Play

 This Mother’s Day, Mobile Edge wants to make gift-giving and the lives of women everywhere a little simpler. With working and learning from home becoming the new norm, we put together a special Home Office Executive bundle that features dedicated organization and storage for laptops, plus matching power and productivity accessories. For those who can’t decide on what gift to give, our #PowerOn Gift Card Program eliminates guesswork while providing relief to various COVID-19 relief efforts.

Paul June, Mobile Edge’s VP of Marketing, explains: “These are chaotic times, and everyone likes gifts that make life simpler,” he says. “Products that make it easier to get through the day, whether at work or play, are always appreciated.”

Everyday Items for Busy Moms

Here are a few everyday items and gift ideas that can help simplify the lives of busy women in their roles as moms, home educators, and home office executives:

SLEEP TECH—With increased stress, sleep can be hard to come by. Sleep aids such as aroma therapy, meditation devices, sound machines, and more can help everyone get a good night’s rest.

YOGA MATS—Harvard Medical School recommends yoga for coping with various sources of anxiety and depression, including the coronavirus. For starters, you’ll want a quality yoga mat. These Earth-friendly, folding Yoga Mats provide padding and support to promote better workouts.

COOKING IDEAS/MEAL PLANS—Even experienced cooks need ideas. There are numerous food-related websites, many of which offer specialized meal plans and recipes. A few favorites include Delish, Allrecipes, and FoodNetwork.

ENTERTAINMENT—If you don’t already subscribe to an online streaming service, what’s the hold up? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and others offer affordable, on-demand entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

COLLAPSIBLE WATER BOTTLES—Staying hydrated is critical for mental and physical wellbeing. It’s never been easier to keep some H2O nearby than with this 750 ml, collapsible, BPA & PVC-free water bottle.

CABLE MANAGER—Working from home has countertops, kitchen nooks, and end tables cluttered and messy. The Smartish Cable Wrangler can help. It uses magnets to hold cables and cords neatly in place.

MOBILE POWER—Make the fear running out of power a thing of the past with these power accessories from Mobile Edge. For Tablets/Smartphones: Core Power 26,800mAh Portable USB Battery/Charger; for Laptops: Core Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger

HOME OFFICE EXECUTIVE BUNDLE—Mobile Edge offers more than 35% savings on this Home Office Executive bundle designed for remote, working professionals. The bundle includes a ScanFast Backpack 2.027000 Core Power Portable Laptop Charger, Wireless 6-Button Mouse, Gel Wrist Rest, and other must-haves.

#POWERON GIFT CARDS—For the next 60 days, Mobile Edge is donating 20% of gift card amounts to various COVID-19 relief efforts. You can purchase qualifying gift cards in denominations ranging from $25 to $250. All gift cards are delivered by email, never expire, and can be applied toward any purchase made at

SITE-WIDE SAVINGS—For a limited time, Mobile Edge customers can enjoy huge site-wide savings on Mobile Edge products purchased through its online store when using the promotional code MOMS25.

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“Whether working, teaching, or playing at home, it’s important right now to keep some of our normal routines in place, such as getting good rest, eating right, exercising, and finding ways to relax,” says June. “Moms are in a unique position to help keep the entire family on track, but remember they need some TLC as well. Sometimes all that’s needed to help her get through the day is a thoughtful gift.”

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