Help You Organize Your Laptop and Other Devices

Nine Tips to Help You Organize Your Laptop, Your Work From Home Experience, and Other Devices

Help You Organize Your Laptop and Other Devices

With working from home a necessity as we continue to social distance, Mobile Edge offers protective cases and backpacks to help you organize laptops and other devices, plus matching power and productivity accessories. We’ve also got nine tips you can try to make your work-at-home time more comfortable and productive.

“Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are testing the adaptability of workers and families like never before,” says Paul June, VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge. “Many are not only working from home for the first time, they are sharing that space with roommates, spouses, partners, children, and pets. Being able to protect and organize your office tech, even at home, is critical for keeping stress levels low and productivity levels high.”

Here are nine tips for improving your work from home experience:

  1. Designate a workspace. Even if you share it with others, it’s important to claim a space you can call your own. It could be a desk, a countertop, or even a portion of the dining room table.
  2. Stay organized. If you don’t have an office workstation, you can use your laptop case or backpack to keep your gear handy, organized, and protected. With dedicated storage for devices, power supplies, cords, and more, Mobile Edge Select & Premium Briefcases and Messenger Bags are a great way to add some order to your at-home office.
  3. Establish work hours. If possible, work similar hours from home as you did at the office. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting up later each day or working into the wee hours, which can lower productivity, sap energy, and increase stress.
  4. Work ergonomically. For those without a quality office chair and desk, ergonomics can be a problem. Kicking back on the sofa, recliner, or bed is not the answer. Neither are hard, wooden chairs. Pillows or cushions to adjust working height might be one way to make a chair more usable, plus you might consider keyboard wrist supports.
  5. Move and stretch. Long hours in front of a computer at a desk are always a no-no. More than ever, stretching and moving around can be critical to your wellbeing. Lifehack has a great guide to 15 simple and quick office stretches.
  6. Stay hydrated. Keep water at your desk or impromptu workstation. Failing to stay hydrated can negatively affect productivity and health.
  7. Get rest. Some people have a hard time shutting down their home offices at day’s end. Times are already stressful enough. Proper rest is good for the mood, productivity, and the immune system.
  8. Be patient. Even if it’s not your first work-from-home rodeo, it may be for others, so be more forgiving of interruptions. Also, while videoconferencing is far ahead of where it was just a few years ago, realize the technology isn’t perfect. Glitches and disconnections will happen.

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