Classic Gifts Are Always Popular, but This Year Tech Is In

Are Tech-Inspired Gifts Good for Your Valentine’s Day Mojo?

Are Tech-Inspired Gifts Good for Your Valentine’s Day? Classic Gifts Are Always Popular, but This Year Tech Is In

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts typically revolve around a night out for dinner and a movie, plus candies and flowers, but with the COVID-19 pandemic still keeping most of us closer to home, Valentine’s Day 2021 is more likely to include an exchange of gifts related to a loved one’s interests and hobbies. If you’re someone’s tech-savvy Valentine or you have one to buy for, take heart: tech-inspired gifts are hot this year, especially gadgets and accessories that keep couples connected when they can’t be together in person.

Topping the tech appeal list are smart devices for the home, digital cameras and recorders, portable power, digital fitness devices, mobile gaming consoles, and all things wireless. And with men spending an average of $231 on their Valentine’s partner and women just over $100 (according to wallet.hub), a high-quality tech gift is in everyone’s purchasing wheelhouse.

“At Mobile Edge, we like to think nothing says, ‘I love you’ like getting your loved one a stylish and functional laptop case or backpack to store and organize all that new gear in,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge. “The right case, gaming backpack, messenger bag, or tote can improve your tech-savvy partner’s ability to organize his or her gear, use it, keep it safe, and look good doing it. Many cases and backpacks can even double as overnight go-bags, with extra room for a few clothes and personal items.”

To wow the tech-savvy woman on your list who’s looking for the convenience of a purse, travel bag, briefcase, and book bag all-in-one, Mobile Edge’s Urban Laptop Tote checks all the boxes. This roomy tote is easy to carry and constructed from a lightweight, durable charcoal-colored cotton canvas exterior with vegan leather trim (in black or brown). It features a padded computer compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches, a separate poly-fur-lined pocket for a tablet, a zippered exterior pocket for phone or items you want to get to quickly, plus an integrated accessory organizer.

Guys will fall in love with the fresh, edgy look and versatility of Mobile Edge’s Graphite Premium Backpack. With a premium graphite-colored nylon exterior and fashion-inspired interior linings, it’s both durable and stylish. This premium backpack’s roomy interior includes storage for laptops up to 17.3 inches, dedicated storage for a tablet, a removable smartphone pocket, plus additional pockets and internal storage options for accessories and digital media.

Accessories for Your High-Tech Valentine’s Go-Bag

High-tech Valentines need to keep all their tech-powered up:

With its universal AC outlet, the Core Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger is a perfect fit for power-hungry laptops and other devices.

For tablets, smartphones, and smaller USB devices, go with the CORE Power 26,800 mAh Portable USB Battery/Charger. It fits easily into backpacks, messenger bags, and SlipSuit sleeves.

For QI-enabled devices, the versatile Mobile Edge Wireless Charging Mouse Pad reduces desktop clutter by doubling as an ultra-slim mouse pad and wireless charger.

For multi-taskers, the All-in-One USB-C Adapter Hub turns a single USB-C Port into a powerhouse workstation, while the 50-watt USB Wall Charger Turbo 6 transforms one wall outlet into a 6-port USB charging station.


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