Blog - What’s the Real Cost of Damaged Laptops and Other Tech?

What’s the Real Cost of Damaged Laptops and Other Tech?

What’s the Real Cost of Damaged Laptops and Other Tech?

In a Tech-Driven World, Protecting Valuable Gear is Paramount

Even with the COVID-19 Pandemic limiting travel and mobility, laptop and netbook damage and data loss from drops, bumps, and liquid or food spills remains a top reason for tech failures. With so much riding on our devices and the data they contain, protecting our laptops, netbooks, tablets, gaming consoles, and other tech remains a critical requirement of daily living.

That’s why busy professionals, students, and gamers rely on protective cases such as Mobile Edge’s Graphite Premium Backpack to organize and safeguard their valuable tech from everyday wear and tear. Whether you’re at home, at school, or on the road, the Graphite Premium Backpack keeps sensitive gear stored inside secure while providing a place to gather and organize delicate cords and accessories reliably.

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“Each year, loss from damage to laptops, accessories, and other devices ranges in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge, the Anaheim, California-based manufacturer of protective laptop and gaming console cases, backpacks, and accessories. “Add in the value of lost data to students, businesses, or even gamers, and the cost of not being adequately protected is immeasurable.”

With its durable ballistic nylon exterior, heavy-duty Duraflex™ fittings, roomy laptop storage, a dedicated iPad/tablet pocket, padded pockets for digital media & accessories, an internal media pocket for a media player with headphone pass-through port, a removable smartphone pocket, and a lifetime warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Mobile Edge’s Graphite Premium Backpack stands apart from other bags on the market.

Leading computer manufacturers such as Alienware also rely on Mobile Edge to design and build custom, protective cases for their products. Presentation 2018

“We can’t guarantee 100% safety. No one can,” says June. “But a protective case, messenger bag, or backpack from Mobile Edge is the next best thing for our customers, offering them greater peace of mind that their valuable tech and data are well-protected.”


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