Mobile Edge Blog - New CORE Gaming Website Features Essential Gaming Gear Vetted for Quality, Performance, and Style

New CORE Gaming Website Features Essential Gaming Gear Vetted for Quality, Performance, and Style

Videogaming is more popular than ever. Player of all types, from newbies to seasoned veterans, turn to videogaming to hang with friends near and far, as well as spend their leisure time.

Here are some numbers to put it all into perspective:

  • Global revenue related to videogaming will reach nearly $200 billion dollar this year, with some estimating the global video game market to exceed $310 billion by 2026.
  • Mobile gaming is particularly hot, currently accounting for 57% of total gaming revenue worldwide. In fact, mobile gaming generated more revenue in 2021 than the global film and music industries combined.
  • Gaming industry analytics leader Newzoo predicts there will be more than 3 billion mobile gamers around the world by 2023.

With videogaming popularity surging, gamers more than ever need gear they can rely on to protect their tech and enhance their gaming experience. In support of gamers, Mobile Edge has launched a new website, There, gamers can find essential gaming gear that’s been vetted by gamers for gamers for quality, performance, and style.

“Supporting gamers has always been important to Mobile Edge,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge. “With the surge in videogaming popularity, advances in technology, better connectivity, and gaming mobility, we felt we needed to be there in a bigger way than ever before.”

The CORE Gaming website features the full lineup of CORE Gaming protective gaming backpacks and laptop cases, plus mobile power solutions and Alienware products. It also features top gaming desks and chairs, headsets, controllers, and numerous other must-have accessories from leading manufacturers such as Arozzi, Hypergear, Lucid Sound, Patriot Viper, and Power A, among others.

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Use promo code GameOn to receive 20% off CORE Gaming products purchased through the CORE Gaming online store. This includes the roomy and rugged CORE Gaming Backpack, which has become the video gamer’s “go-bag” of choice and the new, full-featured Core Gaming Tactical Backpack, winner of a 2021 TWICE VIP Award.

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