ack to School Inflation Relief - Get 25% Off SRP On Award-Winning Products for Students

Back to School Inflation Relief – Get 25% Off SRP On Award-Winning Products for Students

Mobile Edge Helps Parents Afford and Protect Student Tech

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Mobile Edge is helping parents beat inflation and keep students organized and productive. Now through Labor Day, parents can buy direct and get 25% off suggested retail prices on Mobile Edge’s award-winning products.

All that tech represents a sizeable investment—an investment Mobile Edge is helping parents afford and protect.

Versatile go-bags and accessories from Mobile Edge give parents peace of mind that their student’s tech is safeguarded against drops and bumps and accessible. Buying direct from the manufacturer, in this case Mobile Edge, helps keep costs low. Mobile Edge also offers a lifetime warranty on its protective bags and backpacks plus a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Combined with its 25% off SRP promotion through Labor Day, it’s easy to see why parents prefer Mobile Edge.

Popular Go Bags for Students

At just over two pounds, Mobile Edge’s new Commuter Backpack is perfect for commuting students looking for style and versatility. The Commuter may be lightweight, but its scratch-resistant, water-repellent fabric withstands rigorous student use and activity. Three main compartments hold up to a 15-inch laptop, mobile devices, accessories, plus school files.

Mobile Edge Commuter Backpack Black - Fits 15.6 Inch Laptops - MEBPC1

The SmartPack Backpack is a lightweight, durable, no-nonsense backpack popular with students. The SmartPack offers storage for laptops up to 16 inches, plus sections for a tablet and files. Comfort features include a padded back panel, thick shoulder straps, and a carrying handle. The SmartPack comes in eight colors: black, carbon, charcoal, crimson red, royal blue, silver, teal, and wheat.

Mobile Edge’s Express Backpack 2.0 sports a sleek look that combines black with a variety of vibrant trim colors. Designed with user comfort and roomy storage in mind, it’s an ideal choice for laptops up to 16 inches. It also features an integrated tablet pocket plus space to spare for books, files, and accessories.

Mobile Edge Express Backpacks 2.0

The eco-friendly ECO Laptop Backpack features an exterior made from 80% natural cotton canvas. The ECO packs a minimal carbon footprint while providing superior organization and protection for all sorts of student tech. This backpack fits laptops up to 17 inches and comes in three earthy colors: black, navy blue, and olive green.

ECO Laptop Backpack (Eco-Friendly) Fits laptops up to 17.3″

Mobile Edge’s CORE Gaming Backpack is not just for gamers anymore. Featuring an edgy, industrial design popular with students, it includes tons of storage for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and accessories. Add a mobile power pack to the backpack’s pre-wired interior, and students can keep their gear charging while it’s still inside. Better yet, the backpack’s external USB plug lets students connect to an external smartphone, tablet, or other USB devices.

CORE Gaming Tactical Laptop Backpack 17.3"

Power When & Where It’s Needed

Reliable power is a priority whether students are on the grid or off it.

The CORE Power AC USB – 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger is a compact and versatile power bank with a standard AC outlet for charging laptops. It delivers an incredible 85 watts to power a variety of personal electronics as well as USB devices. It’s also airplane friendly, packing the maximum power allowed to meet FAA carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

For those with less-demanding mobile power requirements, Naztech’s 10,000mAh 18W PD+QC Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank is ideal for charging tablets, smartphones, and smaller USB devices.

The USB Wall Charger Turbo 6 transforms one wall outlet into a 6-port USB power station. With 50 watts of power, it can charge up to six devices simultaneously at blazing fast speeds.

The 10W Wireless Fast Charging Stand delivers two times the power of a standard wireless charger. Simply place a Qi-enabled device against the upright pad and it starts charging on contact.

Other Must-Have Student Accessories

Mobile Edge’s Rechargeable Wireless Optical 6-Button Mouse is a fantastic solution for mobile students. With the click of a button, users can switch between screen resolutions to accommodate different monitors with precision and accuracy. Forward and backward buttons make web browsing easier, and there’s a double-click button for improved productivity.

The Key Cable Lock is a lightweight, portable, and compact security solution that attaches to the universal security slot on most laptops. A hardened steel head and 6.5-foot coated, galvanized steel cable ensure superior strength to deter thieves. The lock comes with two keys, a user manual, and a Velcro cable tie for easy cable management.

The SecuriCable Combination Lock bolts into a laptop’s VGA or serial port to deter thieves. It uses a combination lock rather than a keyed lock, making it perfect for anyone worried about losing a key.

Students can protect IDs, debit cards, and other sensitive information with the Mobile Edge I.D. Sentry Credit Card Wallet. Using our exclusive Wireless Security Shield™ (WSS) technology, this patent-pending design incorporates an alloy shielding material to block out all unauthorized RFID access.

Buy with Confidence

All Mobile Edge protective cases, backpacks, and messenger bags come with a 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Special Offer

Save 25% off Stand Retail Price when you buy from the Mobile Edge online store and use promo code SCHOOL at checkout. Some exclusions apply (see details).

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